What should I ask at College Fair?

<p>I have a college fair I'll be attending tomorrow. And wondering if there is any questions I should ask? Some colleges such as Indiana and I've already visited. Where others such as University of Iowa, I have not.</p>

<p>Some questions I plan on asking.</p>

<p>AP-such as can I few my scores first then send them in since im a junior.
Admissions- Despite being a state school, can I add supplementals and if so do they help out much.
Apply- When to apply, how, ect..</p>

<p>Do you have any other questions I should ask?</p>

<p>maybe ask your chances of getting in, with ur stats/etc. though im sure most would say "ehh its hard to say, but you should try!" -_-</p>


<p>lol, that's exactly what I did at wustl.</p>

<p>I do have one suggestion...don't take up too much of the college reps time...I have seen students kind of "hog" the rep and after a couple of minutes the rep gets frustrated because they aren't able to help other people. The rep doesn't say anything, but you can see them trying to move on. And it really irritates every one else waiting their turn.</p>

<p>Be careful about some of the questions you plan on asking. You'll waste their time and yours and to stand out, asking things you could easily find out in a guidebook, for instance. Try to dig deeper than guidebooks, online info etc. To give an example, instead of student/fac ratios, ask about average class size, advising, and student relationships with professors. You'll get more useful info and be more memorable to the school rep should you choose to apply. If they like you, often they'll give you a personal card and you can keep in touch with them throughout the process-something that helped me tremendously.</p>

<p>My D asked the Georgetown rep about a college<gallitan?> she was interested in and it turned out thats where the rep went...Since my D had a specific question, and wasn't looking for reassurance, the rep was pleased to give her some pointers. I think what would annoy a rep most is "what can I do to get in" or "are my stats good enough" or "what stats are you looking for" ...if you can find a way to ask a question without looking for a pat on the back or a sure you have a good chance, but something about a particular program, majors, the like, you will leave a better impression and the rep can actually have some real answers</gallitan?></p>

<p>In my opinion, college fairs are worthless. No 2-minute impersonal blurb can get you any information that a quick search on CC can't provide. Seriously.</p>

<p>yes i agree 100% with raven! not as much with the mom. a lot of things you can research yourself, you might as well ask chances of getting in (though they get annoyed at these questions) since that is not researchable. besides, most kids' concerns are getting accepted, not the details- yet.</p>

<p>ask how hot the girls are</p>

<p>How effective your college fair experience is may also depend on if you are dealing with real college staff or just a local alumnus who is just "babysitting" an info table.</p>

<p>Well the two schools want to go to the most, both will have associate directors of admissions there to represent them. Along with another person or two.</p>

<p>well, i ask quesitons just to "improve my impression on adcoms"
coz, the better questions u ask, the better relationship with the adcom. then, they'll literally remember u when you apply</p>


<p>just have an intelligent conversation, make friends with them. they appreicate ppl who ask smart ?'s. Its good to get to know them (get their email) since they are adcoms, like chanman said theyll review ur app.</p>

<p>So does talking to these reps actually help with admission? I had actually enver thought about this, but I guess it makes sense. SHould I really make an effort to forge a relatioship with some of them at the next college fair? I mean, woudl they really remember me when they review my app?</p>

<p>yes it helps</p>

<p>if they know you b4 hand, wouldnt you "stick ouT" in their mind when they decide wheter to admit you or not?</p>

<p>Yeah but they'll be meeting HUNDREDS of kids that night.. the odds of you standing out or being remembered are tiny.</p>

<p>Washington and Lee remembered me today, after I told them, I'll be taking 5AP's next year, while still doing 3 varsity sports. The guy asked if I ever sleep. "Sleep? What's that?" I joked around with him saying. I then just added, that I like being challenged. He then pretty much "forced" me (perhaps that word might be a little strong) to fill out one of their cards for the mailing list. Then gave me his b-card, and then wrote down his home e-mail. Asking if there was anything else I needed, to just e-mail him.</p>