What should I bring to BU?

<p>I'm a FL girl and I have no idea what kind of clothing I need to shop for, or anything I wouldn't think of bringing to my dorm. What did you bring your first year? This would help a lot of you were from the south and had to make the same transition I will have to. How was your first year at BU? What did you do to make the most of it? I wanna make sure that I have everything I need winter-clothing wise and normal clothing wise.</p>

<p>buy a LOT of winter clothes. seriously. northface is your friend ;)</p>

<p>yea, i heard northface has awesome windbreakers. but i think i should have been more specific - what kind of clothes? for instance, my friend is going to syracuse and our teacher has a daughter who went there that told her to buy a jacket one size too big to have room to layer, and four different types of boots for slushies, snow, rain, etc.</p>

<p>Rain boots!</p>

<p>Ok your a girl from florida so what I would recommend is...:</p>

<p>-Multiple Hoodies
-Winter Jacket (Make sure you can layer up)
-Rain Boots (I'm a guy and I kinda wish I had boots cause it rains quite a bit here)
-Northface fleeces (I saw you mentioned them and since your going to the store get like 2 or 3, they are awesome at keeping you warm)
-A nice pair of warm boots or shoes... my female friends wear their uggs and waterproof them.

<p>and then a few of my friends had sweats, they just wore them to class when it was really bleh outside and pretty good for when they just wanted to lounge.</p>

<p>and one thing i can suggest, DON'T OVERPACK. I had friends who had SO MUCH clothes, they did not know where to put it. My friend Legit had 30 coats, I still wonder to this day WHY she has 40 coats, but she had no space for the rest of her clothes.</p>

<p>this is a great answer, much like what i was looking for! how do you waterproof uggs? lol and um 30 coats? hahahah</p>

<p>They sell this spray, that you can spray on your UGG's and it get's waterproofed. Just google it, it should be easy from there. I'm a guy so I really don't know how to waterproof my boots I just know my friends did that to their shoes.</p>

<p>And yeah my friend was a very fashionista kinda girl. So she had a coat for each day of the month... >_<</p>

<p>...all this heavy gear even for the spring/summer?</p>

<p>No, way during spring break you bring home most of your winter clothes, and only keep a few. But this year it was cold until April (late April) so yeah. But most of the winter stuff goes home during Spring break =P.</p>