What should I bring to college?

I’m going to be living at college and I honestly have no idea what to bring. I was wondering what y’all would recommend as well as are there any things that are important to bring that you wouldn’t normally think about? Also, I’m going to be close to my parents (like two hours away) so I’ll be able to go back home and whatnot if I need anything.

Here are some helpful recent threads on this topic. Best of luck!

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There are lots of good lists online to start with…google “what to bring to college dorm” or something like that.

Also Amazon is useful if you forget anything.

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University of Houston has a Move-In Guide with a list of what to bring.

Additionally, Bed Bath and Beyond has a list, Target has a college section on their website as do Amazon, Walmart and many other retailers.

This site may be helpful: Guide - What to Bring - Hamilton College.

Is OP going to Hamilton or Houston?

On this thread, the OP simply said they will “be living at college.”

There are a million threads on this, including this pinned one. A to Z: What To Bring To College - #2 by kateapollo

It’s helpful to know what climate you will be in.

Wow, there’s a lot of useful threads on this question.

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