What Should I Continue to Do?

<p>I am currently a rising junior. I go to the best high school in my state(Louisiana). I have worked really hard for the past two years. My freshman year weighted gpa was a 3.9 and my sophomore gpa was a 4.35. I don't have many ecs, but I do love the ones I have. My list of colleges is pretty ambiguous at this point. However, I have a particular interest in the University of Miami. I took the ACT this June just to get an idea of how I would do and I'm expecting a score in the high 20s(not sure because some of the math was really unfamiliar). I think I did well in the English and Reading parts though. I want to be an English major, but I know this could change in time. So what I'm trying to ask is what I should do to make myself more presentable to colleges especially Miami. </p>

<p>Freshman Year
Gifted Geometry
Honors Biology
Gifted English I
Honors World Geography
Honors Spanish I
Honors Band
PEI/Health (required)</p>

<p>Sophomore Year
Gifted Algebra II
Honors Chemistry
Gifted English II
Honors Civics/Free Enterprise
Honors Spanish II
Honors Band
PE II (required)</p>

<p>Junior Year
Gifted Pre-Cal
AP Chemistry
AP English III (Lang&Comp i think)
Honors US History
Honors Spanish III
Honors Adv Band I</p>

<p>Senior Year
AP Calculus AB
Honors Physics
AP English IV
Honors World History
AP Spanish IV
Honors Adv Band II</p>

<p>Is my schedule rigorous enough? I should explain that at my school AP>Gifted>Honors. None of the academic classes are regular classes, so honors is the lowest class you can take, and only 1 AP is offered to freshmen (Human Geography) and sophomores (American Government). Those APs are in Social Studies which is a subject I don't particurlary enjoy so I opted out of taking them and waited to take APs in subjects I actually enjoy. Was this a bad decision on my part? I'll be thankful for any help.</p>

<p>Your schedule is fine. U of Miami isn't that hard to get into.</p>