What should I do? [a few questions]

<p>First, I'll tell you a little about my situation.</p>

<p>I'm homeschooled, so I get As.
I plan on graduating in the next couple months.
I took 4 years of independent Japanese study. I plan on taking the SAT II Japanese test to prove that I actually learnt something. That isn't until November though.
I got a score of 1870 on my first try at the SATs, with the lowest being math at 570.
I want to major in graphic design.
My parents aren't going to be helping at all, and I don't have savings for college.</p>

<p>I would like to stay in the southern Georgia area for college. The only colleges I know of that offer majors in graphic design around me are SCAD and Georgia Southern. SCAD, however, is very expensive, paying that off would be pretty hard for me. If I go to Georgia Southern, I'd be able to minor in Japanese, which would be a nice plus.</p>


<p>Which College do you think best suits me?</p>

<p>Should I wait until I take the SAT again, or should I go ahead and apply to Georgia Southern asap? As well as, should I wait until after I get my Japanese SAT II scores back?</p>

<p>Does Georgia Southern require me to send in a portfolio if I want to major in graphic design? Where would I be able to find their guidelines for sending them one?</p>

<p>Do I need to take a test since my homeschool isn't accredited?
I know GS says the SAT II, do they want me to take each subject? Shouldn't a good SAT score be good enough? [along with good transcripts]</p>

<p>Do all colleges require essays? and where do I find out what the topic should be?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure that's all the questions I was wanting to ask.</p>

<p>No one here can say what schools best suit you. That is a highly individual choice. You give your major, and location, however no other logistics as far as what you want in a school. CC has a college search feature that lets you enter all of that information and will give you pretty good results. You might want to give that a try.</p>

<p>The rest of your questions regarding Georgia Southern really need to be asked directly to the admissions office. </p>

<p>Their website probably gives specifics about sending a portfolio. </p>

<p>Not all colleges require essays. You find the topics on the applications which can be found on their websites. There are usually a choice of several. If the school uses the 'Common Application', it will say so on the website. They may have a supplement which is generally accessible through the Common Application. The school may however list the essay topic choices for their supplement on their website.</p>

<p>If the school says you need SATIIs, you need SATIIs. Period. They tell you how many, but it's usually 2. Some majors will require certain subjects be included, however it is largely your choice. You need to make sure you understand what each school you are applying to requires.</p>

<p>Your unique situation regarding homeschooling that is not accredited really needs to be addressed with the individual schools. I don't know how that is handled. You may try asking for help in the Pre-College Issues Forum under Home Schooling.</p>

<p>You should also ask how GS handles the Hope scholarship for Home Schools (non-accredited). Do they still base it on GPA or SAT's.</p>

<p>Nephew was at GS and he and his friends transferred out this past year. (They wanted to be elsewhere) although they liked the school. </p>

<p>Good luck to you.</p>

<p>You wish to major in Graphic Design because you foresee yourself in the advertising/media/design field? If this is truly a desire, you might even eschew a BA and look into an apprenticeship. Try to get your foot in the door with a real outfit and see if there are any opportunities. You need to have your portfolio up and ready to go however.</p>