What should i do about sending sat scores?

<p>I will be finished with my Penn State and Drexel applications in a couple of days. However, i am taking the SAT once again in December for the Ivy League i am applying to.
Should i send my previous scores and not send my December scores to Penn State and Drexel? Is that all right?
it will be my fourth time taking the sat. So after i get my scores in December, i will send my sat score report to all the ivy leagues. Will it be too late? All my applications are due Jan. 1.
Can i send my application and send the sat score report later?
Please help!</p>

<p>Yes you can send the application now and Score Report later.</p>

<p>As far as whether the Dec sitting is OK for RD at your other school, you need to go to the college website and see what they say concerning the last SAT accepted. If you can't find it on their website, call.</p>