What should I do about this? I'm so depressed...please help.

<p>I got my PSAT score back on December 8th...and it is very low...and by low, I mean extremely low (145). I'm a sophomore. Supposedly, the SAT (I'm assuming the PSAT too) measures one's intelligence/IQ. I know that I'm not stupid, but this test score makes me feel VERY dumb and it is depressing me. I'm a great student with a 3.9/4.4 GPA with little to no studying in all honors courses (except for math because I am not good at it.) Stupid me, I didn't study for the PSAT at all and I have extreme test anxiety.
My reading and writing scores are fine, but my math is very low. I don't really understand why, because I'm able to solve Calculus and I'm also very musically inclined (my teacher says prodigy level, as I was able to play Bach very well on the first day) but yet I'm soooo bad at math and received such a significantly low score? (Fine..I'll tell you, it was a 350.) How does this work? I thought that when one is musically inclined, they tend to perform well in math, and vice versa.
So my IQ is low....?? My teachers think that I'm brilliant (esp. In the areas of writing and linguistics) ...but what the heck is wrong with me that I received such a low score? Could it be understandable if I haven't had Algebra II yet, have extreme (and legitimate) test taking anxiety, and did not study? </p>

<p>Please don't say that I'm a troll because I'm not.. I'm just really worried. My goal is to do this..</p>

<p>Next year's PSAT (October): 160
Next year's SAT (May): 1800
Senior year SAT (October): 2000
Senior year SAT (May): 2080 (just want to get my math up to 600.) </p>

<p>Does that sound feasible?
Am I really stupid or am I just overreacting? </p>

<p>I have the CB Blue Book and Kaplan's PSAT prep. I heard Gruber's math is very helpful, so if I get that book and study out of it a LOT will I still have a shot at getting the math score up to 600? I heard that the math section is the easiest to improve on. </p>

<p>Tips? Advice? PLEASE don't be cruel or mean. I'm already depressed enough..I've wasted enough tears...please don't make it worse for me. But do be honest...</p>

<p>I sincerely thank you. </p>


<p>You're a sophomore.

<p>Life is beautiful.</p>

<p>..:/ I know..and I'm trying to get over it.. I just hate feeling this way..because I already have clinical depression and this just throws gasoline on the fire... Ugh</p>

<p>You are stressing to much. You have 2 more years to take it, just keep studying and look for ways to help with that test anxiety, i understand how you feel, I usually get extremely nervous on test and seeing as you are a sophomore taking calc already (i took it my senior year) you are pretty advanced. Dont make the SAT score your life, in my opinion its a false way of showing how smart individuals are, once you finish your first year of college no one cares anymore and the people who do are jerks. and I wouldn't advice you to take it in May because that would be too late, most colleges need scores by April or March. Good luck</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry about this. My score was lower than yours, and I'm a Sophomore too. My score is soo embarrassing to type. When I got my scores last month I freaked. I'm not the smartest one in my school, nor a music prodigy etc. I feel like you're overreacting over a little thing. That's why it's called a PSTA. It's a practice. The people in merit and people who are not as smart as me got a better score than me. I don't test well, like many people when come to these kinds of test. You are in a good place. But you have to think of the other kids who scored less than you. I'm going to tell you the truth "get over it".</p>

<p>I don't have much. Knowledge is my purpose..without it, I am nothing. I have so many emotional and social problems..so I just rely on knowledge to keep me going. This score is just THE ultimate slap in the face and really brings my self-esteem down....</p>

<p>Thanks guys :) I appreciate it. :)
edit: @Tina - actually, I'm in Geometry :(. I'm just self studying AP Calc and surprisingly, I don't find it hard. I successfully made it through 5 chapters in two days. But yet I can't do SAT math...things just don't make sense to me!..</p>

<p>Don't stress about it Brooke. Like the others said, the PSAT, especially inyour sophomore year, is supposed to be more of an indicator than a determinant of what your scores will look like. People can have drastic increases in a year; it's amazing how much studying and learning can do. Remember that there are many different kinds of math. Doing badly at SAT math does not mean you're bad at math at all.</p>

<p>You are still smart if you took the time to study AP Calc ahead of time, I wish that whilke i was in high school I would have took more time and worked harder in my AP classes because those credits are really helpful. And you will be fine I made a 1450 on my SAT and everyone around me was bragging about how they made 1600 and above, i do not go to the best school in the world but an education is an education and for my grad school i plan on stepping my game up. I REPEAT DO NOT STRESS OVER IT. You have time to do much better. you will be fine, just keep doing what you are doing and maintain that high GPA</p>

<p>:):) Thank you 'thecollege1' :). ..you have no idea how much those words mean to me....:)</p>

<p>Edit: tina, thank you! You rock!! Really bringing me back up :)</p>

<p>145 as a sophomore?!!?!?!? You bring dishonor to collegeconfidential. ;D</p>

<p>You are an inferior human being.</p>

<p>Lol @physicsboy</p>

<p>C'mon dfree, can you please at least attempt to restrain from the hateful comments...give me a break for once...this is truly an excruciating time in my life and the PSAT is not my only problem.</p>

<p>Brooke, slow down for a second. As others have said, you already know you're smart and that you're at the VERY least decent at math--and that's being modest; it sounds like you're really good at it. You seem to already know your problem, too: You didn't study and you have bad test anxiety. </p>

<p>So work on that. Others have already explained that your score on these tests doesn't only depend on knowing the material; it's also affected by how comfortable you are taking tests and things like that. A low PSAT score as a sophomore doesn't mean you have the IQ of dirt. </p>

<p>IMHO, it would benefit you to study up on math and on the test itself. You sound like one of the people who could actually use some test prep courses/books/etc. (Not saying you're stupid at all, but SAT prep imo is for getting accustomed to the kinds of questions on the test and to reduce text anxiety, both of which would help you.)</p>

<p>TL;DR : Calm down, you're smart. Do some test prep, don't be as anxious about it. Scores are not the end-all, be-all of everything. You'll do fine.</p>

<p>Nabian, thank you sooo much! I really appreciate it!!!!</p>

<p>I think what I'll do is...get sparknotes 10 practice tests (I think that's it..) and gruber's math and work very thoroughly through the book, play chess and play the piano more often. I have to get that score up! :)</p>

<p>@upennvetgirl Don't let your hopes fall apart just because of someone else's comment. Remember that you're worth far more than they say you are. You'll do fine Brooke. I have faith in your ability to pull your scores up!</p>

<p>:') thank you thecollege1. you're a really cool person for being so kind to me. :)</p>

<p>The SAT is a test of how well you take the SAT. It does not test your IQ or intelligence in any other way. You made this thread because you want reassurance that your low PSAT score won't cause you to fail in life. In other words, you are looking for attention and for someone to tell you that it's ok. When you realize this, you will understand that you're fine, and after a bit of studying you will do fine. I got a 1700 on my first PSAT, then I got a 32 on my first ACT (equivalent to a 2140 SAT). These tests are stupid really, you didn't do well because you weren't familiar with them at all. </p>

<p>Tl;dr get over it</p>

<p>Thanks dfree. I will say that I am indeed looking for resassurance, as I am seriously feeling low and I'm really, really sick of feeling this way..but I'm not looking for attention! I just want to feel myself again. I am getting over it. :)
Thanks. These comments really made me feel better.</p>