What should I do for the UCs?

<p>Thanks for helping me out!
My Resume in Brief:
Stats: 4.14 UC gpa, school doesn't rank, 29 ACT (retaking Dec.)
ECs: worked on fundraiser and raised $1,000+, volunteer work, a couple of years of martial arts, key club (in the process of organizing project).
Course Load: Taken 4 AP's by grad, (3) on AP Euro, took UCSD summer class in int'l relations and got an A. Senior Classes = AP Stats, AP Gov, AP Econ, Eng 12, Physics, Seminar in Art, and required gym class.
Info: Moved 2x during high school, good essays about volunteer work and babysitting (all my volunteer work has been around my desire to help children), and applying as an econ major to all UC's (in-state) (except UCR and UCSC).
Now for the question, I've taken the SAT II's 1x and these are my scores:
Writing: 710
Math Ic:630
Lit: 560 (ouch!)
I'm retaking Lit in Dec., and I'm wondering if I should try to retake Ic again? I can't guarantee lots of prep time between now and then and I'm wondering just how important you guys think it will be to have a higher score.
Thanks for reading all this!!!</p>

<p>can anyone help?</p>

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Does anyone have an idea of what tests I should retake?</p>

<p>That's a high UC gpa; the scores aren't as hot--you didn't mention SAT. I'd say retake the math, hope for a bit of improvement. Not sure on the Lit, heard the curve is tough. If you can't improve it, maybe there's another you could do better on, and just give this one up. I'm going to think it below average for all UC's, but I don't know that data. For math you are low for Berk where avg is 690 but ok at SB 622.</p>

<p>You really ought to take at least a weekend to go through prep book.</p>

<p>Thanks for the response. Yeah, I guess I'll give it another try. My ACT equivalent SAT score is a 1300- and I'm retaking in Dec. for a 1340-1380. I already know berk and la are big reaches, i'm just going to apply anyway. I'm really shooting for UCSD, UCSB, UCD, and UCI- so hopefully I'm a little more on target for these schools. I'll spend as much time as I can on it, and then all I can do is hope for the best.</p>

<p>SAT IIs are heavily weighted by the UCs, so any improvement in those scores can only help you.</p>

<p>Yeah thanks, I'm just a little nervous that this will be the make or break point for my app. Do you guys think I can get into UCSB with the scores I have? (I'm definitly going to retake, I'm just wondering where I stand now.) Like I said I'm shooting for UCSB and UCSD, and if I happen to get into la or berk than yay but I'm not putting all my hopes on it.</p>