What should I do!!! I really messed up my december subject test!

I just received my math 2 sat subject test and i got 610..
Considering that I am in ap calculus right now this is definitely a horrible score.
I did not do my time management so well and I ended up skipping about 15 problems...
I used free reporting thingy when I registered so collegeboard sent this score to my top choice universities..
I am applying as engineering major and I think this can really harm my application.
What should I do!!</p>

<p>are you a senior? if so, take it in january.
if you aren't a senior- don't stress, the first time I took it I made a 690, then I made an 800 in October</p>

<p>I'm in the same situation :S I got a 620! I'm definitely retaking it in January, as I'm applying as a ChemE major. I'm not sending the scores to the unis though!</p>

<p>many schools that I am applying to only take december tests...</p>