What should I do now? Help!!!

<p>I am a transfer student and I was accepted to UCSD in this fall. However I failed to maintain a gpa of 2.0 in last quarter due to family business, actually someone in my family passed away which really brought me down. I informed the school and they told me that I would received a letter of cancellation and I may have a chance to explain what happened in that quarter. But the problem is that would there still be chance ( I mean a high chance)for they to reconsider my situation even if I explain. Besides I am facing a dilemma because I can choose UC Davis which they probably would accept me but the reason is that I don't wanna give up this valuable chance to UCSD and the date to sign the SIR is coming so I don't know what I should do. I am so depressed and helpless right now. Can anyone give some help or advice please!</p>