WHat should I do to raise score?

<p>I need 2300+ this november.</p>

<p>i get 800 in math, high 600s or low 700s in W, and mid-high 600s in reading. I don't know What iam doing wrong but in Writing, I always feel asif I got an 800 but turns out that Iv missed like 2-4questions. WHY?!!! and CR, I get -1 or -2 on vocabs but...blow the reading passages. its not that I suck throughout but i blow one section and...sniff* How do i improve?</p>

<p>develop a passion for SAT. actually try to enjoy doing it.</p>

<p>You NEED a 2300?</p>

<p>Some perspective . . . in 2008 about 5684 kids got a 2300 or better . . . if that is your "true" score then you are one of the top 6,000 students in the country! </p>

<p>If you're stressing out because you want a score above your "true" score . . . good luck with that.</p>

<p>You might be testing below your "true" score; there are only 3 things that can change that:
1- understand SAT tips and tricks (sounds like you already are doing that)
2- practice (sounds like you're already doing that)
3- relax and enjoy it . . . which is what RAWWWR is counseling.</p>

<p>No rocket science here; most people do best at something when they are relaxed and in the groove, so perhaps giving up the "need" to get a 2300 may take enough presssure off that your score goes up!!!</p>


<p>2-4 wrong in writing is high 600s/low 700s?</p>

<p>yea, with 9- 10 on writing</p>

<p>Wow, I think all 5684 of those kids were on CC.</p>



<p>and they all think their scores are too low</p>


<p>Impossible. Your current score is like a 2150-2200 ish. How do you expect to bump that to a 2300+ when accounting for diminishing returns on your investment of time?</p>

<p>I know it took me 2 years... 2 YEARS!!! to get from 2150 to 2300. There is absolutely no way you can do it in like a month.</p>

<p>^that claim is based on such refutable conclusions that i can't even begin to express my disapproval. People learn at different rates, pal. Maybe the guy has a higher IQ than you, and, therefore, learns at a faster pace.</p>

<p>Have you done the 2009-2010 SAT Practice Test? Do you have a College Counseling Office that would have a copy of the 2009 Practice PSAT? Both have full explanations provided by the College Board on their website. Full explanations will help you look at why answers are wrong as well as why they are right which should help with critcal reading and writing review. Both of these are actual tests and the best practice material available and are free.</p>

<p>@fresh: going from a 2100 to a 2300 is not a matter of learning anything, its just a matter of wasting hours trying to master the SAT.</p>

<p>You cannot master the SAT without learning anything. It makes no sense.</p>

<p>Actually, it does. Mastering the SAT is simply a matter of knowing what the collegeboard pulls on the test. Getting a 650 on a section requires knowledge, but the higher you go above that, the less amount of actual knowledge you gain.</p>

<p>Okay here...</p>

<p>The SAT, like all collegeboard tests, is standardized, meaning that there are a standard "set" of questions they use (in a sense, a certain style of questioning). My only advice to anyone trying to improve their SAT score is to practice, practice, practice. The more you see the questions, the more familiar you become with collegeboard's style of questioning.</p>

You do learn from "mastering" the SAT in a sense, but once you get to 650+, its less about knowledge and more about knowing the SAT's tricks.</p>

<p>Nothing standardized is impossible to break.</p>

<p>I know what you mean. I can get 700+ on writing and math and 650+ on CR (most of the time) and i would definitely say that you need knowledge to get to that level. I don't think knowing vocabulary falls into the idea of overcoming SAT tricks? I don't think that you can get 650+ on any section without a specialized form of knowledge. But i guess i understand your side of the argument.</p>

<p>I would also agree with you there. CR is certainly the hardest to work with. Vocabulary is generally accumulated with studies (e.g. lots of reading) or tons of list review, so yeah, I guess you can't overcome SAT tricks in that sense. But I do believe that math and writing have "patterns" in a sense.</p>

<p>It's so not true that you need 2 years to go from 2100 to 2300</p>

<p>When my brother took a practice a week before the test he got 2100ish. By the end of that week, he was getting 2400s on all his tests... But I agree, his IQ is probably insanely high. I've tried doing what he did and well... I'll find out if it worked soon...</p>

<p>On the real SAT he scored a 2380</p>

<p>how do i check writing section? I totally agree that there is a pattern but after i am done, iam usually confident that I missed 2 questions wrong at most, and have around 3mins left to check, but HOW? b/c sometimes I miss some Qs that i didnt even consider checking...</p>