What should I do with my 4 free score reports?

<p>I just took the SAT yesterday for the 1st time. I am about 80% sure that I got a score high enough (2250+) to not retake but I am by no means certain.</p>

<p>P.S. I got 2 800's on subject tests last year.</p>

<p>I was thinking sending them to top schools that require all scores anyway and could just update later if need be. On my list, all ivys (cept Dartmouth and Cornell), top 3 UCs, Rice, Stanford, Northwestern. Any of the require all scores?</p>

<p>And lastly, I got a 220 on my PSAT when last years cutoff was 219 (CA). Is it too early to send my confirming SAT score to National merit people when I dont even know if I made it? If not, how?</p>

<p>i kind of have the same question. If i use my 4 reports after this SAT will I get 4 more the next time I take it?</p>

<p>Not sure about the others (check out the list at <a href=“http://professionals.collegeboard.com/profdownload/sat-score-use-practices-list.pdf[/url]”>http://professionals.collegeboard.com/profdownload/sat-score-use-practices-list.pdf&lt;/a&gt;) but Cornell requires all scores.</p>

<p>You get 4 reports every time you take it. Keep in mind that they don’t really stack up though. And reports can only be used to send the scores for the test you get the reports with or earlier. So don’t go thinking that you’ll just have like 12 stacked up in your account. :stuck_out_tongue: Use them now or never.</p>

<p>4 free reports per test, but you have to use them before you get your scores. Can anyone answer my question(s)?</p>

<p>@hischool: I’m assuming you’re a junior. Don’t worry, you can inform colleges later of any NMF statuses. You can send the score reports now if you feel confident that they won’t hurt you and that they’ll be enough for your purposes; otherwise just wait till you’re a senior (fall).</p>