What should i do with SAT scores?

<p>alright, so i already submitted my application online. I completed everything on the site, all thats left is the counselor form, transcript and sat scores. My stats are as follows:</p>

<p>Hispanic Male
New Jersey
Competitive School
Top 10% of 300</p>

<p>3.8 UW GPA
4.33 W GPA</p>

<p>All Honors or AP Classes
AP USH 1 + 2 (4 on exam)
AP Bio (5 on exam)
AP Stat
AP Spanish Language
AP Spanish Lit</p>

<p>Sat 1
730 Math
610 CR (ouch)
630 Writing</p>

<p>Sat 2
750 Bio E
680 USH
670 Math II</p>

<p>4 years Varsity Golf, Captain
3 years Varsity Swimming</p>

<p>4 Years Key Club (2 years treasurer)
3 years FBLA (2 years VP)
Volunteer weekly at Autistic Sports Clinic
Summer Job for last 3 years. Raked in ~13k</p>

<p>With those SAT scores I cant decide whether I should wait to take the October SATs and send them in because I know my combined will then be 2000+. Im just so anxious though and I want my decision to be made ASAP. So should i send scores now or wait. Depends on how early they send out notifications (which im asking you) and what my chances are.</p>


<p>Are you kidding me? Send your **** in now.</p>

<p>um. you're in. a 2000 will get you in.</p>