what should I do

<p>I would like some advice. this year I applied to Duke Stanford Northwestern Brown and Penn as a transfer and did not get into any of them. I obviously applied to transfer because I felt like it was in my best interest and the right move for me however i now have no other option but to go back to school. Do I have a shot at getting in next year as i apply to transfer to these same schools or should i give up on it? If i keep my grades at the level they are now (I had a 3.9 GPA first semester and a 3.7 second semester) do i stand a chance or do schools not admit people who have previously applied? this process was stressful and to be honest I was surprised i didn't get into a single place. A few people have suggested i take the year off, do something really interesting, and try applying again (Since a lot of colleges didn't see my second semester grades.) as tempting as that sounds, i hesitate to agree that it is a GOOD ideaÂ…any advice would help. </p>

<p>3.8 college GPA at a top 10 liberal arts college (Haverford College)
87.5/100 high school GPA at one of the best high schools in the country
30 ACT, (32 superscored)
great recommendations
varsity college athlete
played varsity sports throughout high school
got a few outside recommendations for some connected people at these schools and still didn't get into them as a transfer</p>

<p>You're already going back, why not give it another shot. As stressful as the process may be, you'll undoubtedly benefit from not having to wonder, "what if..." down the road.
So you've received a rejection from NU already? I know the others you listed have already released many acceptances and rejections already, but haven't hear of anyone hearing back from Northwestern yet.</p>

<p>Stanford only accepts 1.5% of transfers apps each year, that's about 20 students. So anyone who goes into the transfer app process with Stanford and has any thoughts of "gee, that's gonna work out" is out of touch. Besides, Stanford tends to take transfers that have some really unique hook, such as having served 4 years in the Marines, a nationally recognized hip-hop DJ, someone who built a real legit harp out of wood by hand, a male cheerleader who grew up in some country in the Pacific Rim. All real examples.</p>

<p>Duke is probably pretty brutal for transfer as well. Brown and Penn no cake walk, either.</p>

<p>Sure, try again. But you need to show something more interesting than a 3.8 gpa. You have to show why their university is a good fit for you besides "I wanna go somewhere even MORE prestigious." What do you bring that is more than just a good student who is a bit athletic?</p>

<p>In the meantime, figure out if you can make Haverford work for you. It is an excellent school. If you really want to transfer, then be sure to apply to some colleges that you have a strong or almost guaranteed chance of acceptance so that if you get declined again from those 4 schools you still have other options.</p>

<p>You basically broke one of the cardinal rules for applying to college (in this case, same rule applies for transferring). Have a mix of safeties, matches and reaches. Your 4 schools were all reaches.</p>


<p>my advice for you is to face reality and understand that these schools do not accept as many students. But do reapply again, but also apply to UC's, CSU's, etc.</p>

<p>What is it that you don't like about your current school? If Haverford is really that unbearable then why not study abroad or take a gap year? Next you need to apply to some matches and some safeties so that you actually have some options and are not stuck in this predicament. You already go to a prestigious school, would you go to one that is a little less prestigious in order to be happy? </p>

<p>Schools you should consider:
Vanderbilt -match
Emory (Accepting apps until June 1, so you can still apply) - match
UVA- match
Cornell-Low reach/High Match depending on major

<p>I think that you may get into one of the schools you applied to next year if you keep your grades up and come up with a compelling reason to transfer, however it is a crapshoot and is hard for everyone</p>

<p>Duke accepted around 1% this year too. Go back to school and maintain your GPA and you'll have a chance at anywhere besides Harvard, Yale, Stanford.</p>

<p>U of M Twin Cities is allowing applications until June 1 as well, so you could look at that.</p>

<p>I agree with Anna - next time apply to some schools where you have a better chance of getting in. With the top tier schools it's sort of a crapshoot.</p>