What should I do?

<p>I'm a high school sophomore with a 30 ACT (took summer 2011). I'm taking a few online college courses through dual enrollment. Academic-wise, that's all I have so far.
I've taken 9 years of piano lessons but that's pretty much all for extracurriculars. What activities should I try that would make me more appealing to colleges?</p>


<p>Academic-wise, are you also taking AP classes in your high school or are they not offered? You should take the strongest set of classes that are reasonable for your interests and talents, unless you have already done that and that's why you're taking college dual-enrollment classes. You ACT score is pretty decent, especially as a sophomore, so your basic stats are off to a great start. If you are currently taking piano, then continue to take your piano to higher levels if you enjoy it. If you have something else you do besides classes, like Scouts, outdoor pursuits, a hobby, a sport or writing, challenge yourself to take it somewhere else, meaning, to a higher level. As you get really good at something that you are passionate, you can then show others how to reach that level which connects to leadership. Scouts--> Eagle Scout; Sports --> Captain of the team; Piano-->Earning the only pianist position at a state orchestra; Writing--> teaching a writing workshop at a camp for inner city kids. If you focus too much on your upper level courses when you should be developing other skills (social, athletic, artistic) then you will come off on a college application as a statistic with good numbers, which will get you into many state flagships, but perhaps not their honors programs and perhaps not the highly selective schools that also value the whole person.</p>