What should I do?

<p>I'm currently a junior and this summer I have the option of going to Costa Rica for a week. During the trip, we would be volunteering at an orphanage for a day. Even though Costa Rica seems fun, I would be missing the June SAT, a local internship opportunity, and the chance to take college classes. My dream college is tufts and I know that they're very big on internationalism so would it hurt me if I didn't go to CR and stayed here to have an internship/college classes? Thanks in advance.</p>

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<p>It seems to me that one week on a trip to Costa Rica with one day in an orphanage would not offset a summer of internship and classwork. I assume you can take the SAT on one (or more) of the other dates offered, so that shouldn't really be a factor. It might depends on the classes and internship, but my guess is that you should not give up a whole summer of those other activities to go to CR unless you have some solid other activities (eg, volunteering, working on an EC that might give you an edge for admission, etc.).</p>

<p>It depends which option will benefit you more.</p>

<p>Will you learn and develop and grow and change more by staying at home, or going to Costa Rica? Will you value your experience in Costa Rica more than the one at home, in five years?</p>

<p>Only you can answer these questions.</p>

<p>When applying to college, they want to see how you benefited from your summer activities, not just what you did. Nothing is taken at face value. If you can convince a friend that Costa Rica > other stuff or vice versa, then you can convince Tufts as well, perhaps in an essay response.</p>