What should I do??

<p>I'm a sophomore from Canada and I go to a tiny private school, so to say "they offer no help" would be a big understatement. We don't have any APs, honour classes, clubs, contests, nothing. </p>

<p>My school doesn't have a councillor, my parents are no help what-so-ever, and I don't know anyone I could ask for advice. I really would love to go to an ivy league school, and I want to do something that will really stand out to them--but what?</p>

<p>I have the basics--good grades, SAT scores, I self studied APs and am planning on taking the exams, 250+ volunteer hours, I take basketball and fencing, I have a piano credit and I play guitar... but I want to do something big, to stand out, or to show them my leadership qualities, etc. </p>

<p>I would do a summer program abroad but for numerous reasons I can't just travel to somewhere like Haiti to do relief work. So what do I do? What stands out? What shows my leadership qualities? What will colleges admire me doing?</p>

<p>Awards I should aim for, volunteer work I should do, projects I should start, local summer programs that sound impressive, extra curriculars I should take part in?</p>

<p>I don't think anyone can tell you "what to do" to stand out. Do whatever you like and do it well. This is your life now. Not a preparation for college as a preparation for graduate school in order to get the right job so you can start living then.</p>

<p>You found college confidential so you are several steps ahead of other kids who have poor school guidance resources. If you truly love certain classes or extracurriculars, you will easily demonstrate your passion and how you will use those interests to add to your college community. FWIW, a single Haiti mission (or equivalent) is a fairly unimpressive short term project that shows you have the affluence to do one and are a wannabe Ivy Leaguer. A multi-year commitment to others through tutoring, student mentoring, or even working at an animal shelter if that is your thing is much more impressive.</p>

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<p>So far you're on the right track, can you include your sat scores? if you dont want to its ok, here is a website with all the stats that you should aim for:</p>

<p>[url=<a href="http://www.satscores.us%5DSATSCORES%5B/url"&gt;http://www.satscores.us]SATSCORES[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>

<p>What you want to do to go that extra mile, depends on your intrests, believe it or not. There are many things for physics as there are for acting. Find out what you want to do in life, for example I want to be a oncologist (cancer doctor). I might seek out reaserch internships at hospitals, labs, anywhere. I might also delve into many science related activities that intrest me, and do well in them. Also, dont stress out like i am now. I am in high school too. You might want to read the book, What High Schools Don't Tell You by Elizabeth Wissner-Gross. It has alot of resources that are really good. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thank you so much! :) That advice is really helpful :) And oh yeah, my SAT scores are fine. Like, definitely in the range for Harvard, Yale, etc.</p>

<p>My biggest problem is that I'm not exactly sure what career I'd like to pursue :/ I don't know if I'd like to be an architect or in the medical field. And on a completely difference side I'm an actress--like I've been on TV and stuff. But wouldn't Yale/any-high-ranked-ivy-league be looking for someone with more academic intelligence, not just talent?</p>


<p>The problem with the link you gave is the information is inaccurate. Yale has not had a acceptance rate that high for over four years. In looking at the other schools, their rates look wrong as well. For example, Columbia is currently (Class of 2015) at 6.93% behind only Harvard at 6.17%. See the rates for the last four years here:</p>

<p>Ivy</a> League Admission Statistics for Class of 2015 Hernandez College Consulting, Inc. and Ivy League Admission Help</p>

<p>Also, Yale does not require 2 subject level exams if you took the ACT plus writing. That requirement is only if you took the SAT.</p>

1. This site does not include the ACT part, but Columbiagirl101 looks like she is probably only taking the SAT, am I correct? (not to sound concited)
2. In the bottom of the link, it says it is from 2009, and it is just to give ColumbiaGirl101 a general idea of what she might be facing. It may not be accurate.
The Ivy league looks for both! They dont want someone who has a 2400 sat but no outside life whatsoever, while they also dont want someone with a bad sat, who has a great amount of talent,(except for athletes)
Try the Yale SCEA admissions thread, they have student stats of those who are accepted to Yale. Also try the Stats profile in the Yale disscussion page. You will find it useful, as it has both academic and extracurricular stats.</p>

<p>Haha, actually, I realized I didn't mention it but I will be taking the ACT... BUT I am also taking SAT II so either way it doesn't really matter... And thank you so much! :) Will definitely check those threads out :)</p>