what should I do?

I'm completing IB Dip. and I took ECON HL last year...I had some problems with the teacher and I decided to stop taking the class this year. Now, IB courses are 2-year courses...This wouldn't look like i withdrew from the class right? I'm still completing the IB Dip, but with a different social science subject. Or do I need an explanation of why I stopped taking teh class after the first year?<br>
I got bad grades too for that class...However, I have A's for other HL classes and I think the bad grades do not reflect my ability. It is because of my problems with the teacher. The thing is, I don't want to make excuses (even though the teacher was obviously picking on me. I have proof!!). What should I do? I'm scared that the bad grades will greatly hurt my chances.</p>

<p>i'm doing IB too and I DONT understand what you mean by A for all other courses, i think they grade on a scale of 7 right? So what exactly how much do you have in total for IB?</p>

<p>oh sorry...i forgot to say that I'm talking about semester grades...not the grades for IB exams...
I'm in my second year for IB, and now i'm taking geography SL (since it's a one year course, i'll finish it in my senior year) instead of the 2nd year of my Econ HL. The counselor recommended me to do this because of the problems with the econ teacher.
What i want to know is...should I explain what happened?</p>

<p>definitely you should.
MIT is REALLY friendly. Have you ever read their emails? well, just explain to them, they'll listen, everything will be taken into consideration...</p>

<p>Sorry, but i still dont get your IB curriculum...</p>

<p>oh alright...would it sound like an excuse? (my counselor can back me up though)</p>

<p>BTW, my school offers IB in 11th grade. I chose 6 subjects including Econ HL, which are all 2-year courses. By the end of 11th grade, my counselor recommended me to drop Econ cuz of 'the problem'. So this year (senior year), i'm taking the remaining 5 IB courses and a new IB course, Geography SL (which is a 1-year course)...
I guess that makes it a bit clearer.</p>

<p>no if there's clear disparity between what happened + what usually happens, the guys at mit would understand, just have ur gc explain or something</p>

<p>can I write it myself and tell them to ask my counselor or smth in case they wanna know more...cuz the deadline is soon and my GC's enjoying her holidays smwhere I don't know...</p>