What should I do?

Last night, I received and e-mail from Tulane saying that if I apply SCEA or EA I would be given automatic scholarship consideration. I'm filling out the application now, and there is a part where it says I should indicate which scholarships I am interested in and applying to. Does this mean I have to indicate and apply to those scholarships, or should I just apply EA and they will automatically consider me for a scholarship? I know I might sound like an idiot, but I'm very stressed out! I don't want to not apply to a scholarship and miss out because I misinterpreted something, but I also have my midterms this week and I don't want to waste time on scholarship applications that I don't necessarily need.
Thanks in advance!</p>

You are not an idiot, nor do you sound like one. Tulane has two types of scholarships, for the purposes of this message. The ones they were referring to as “automatic consideration” are merit scholarships that run as high as $32,000. No application beyond your application to Tulane is required for these. BTW, if you continue with the Tulane application, be sure to do the “Why Tulane” essay. It isn’t really optional.</p>

<p>The other scholarships that they ask you to make an indication on the application regarding are the full tuition + fees scholarships, called the Dean’s Honors Scholarship (DHS) and the Paul Tulane Award (PTA). These require applications beyond the regular Tulane application and are due by December 15, and do require that you apply either EA or SCEA, which of course is due in 5 days. Generally speaking, to be in the running for those full awards you should have stats in the ballpark of 2250+ SAT (33+ ACT) and be in the top 5% of your class with having taken as rigorous a schedule as your school offers. At least close to that.</p>

<p>I think that covers it.</p>