What should I do?

<p>Hi, everyone!</p>

<p>My question relates to requirement of SAT Subject Tests as a part of application. Can it be waived for international applicants from countries where it is not offered?</p>

<p>I am from Uzbekistan. In January I took SAT, but later on the SAT testing center here closed down... Therefore, I am not in a position to take SAT Subject Tests. However, I am looking forward to applying for Columbia and I know Subject Tests to be an ingredient of application package.</p>

<p>Do you know any instances when this requirement was waived because of a similar reason? Or do I still need to find a way to take it? I am not that eager to take Subject Tests though....</p>

<li>Contact the Columbia admissions office either by email or phone and ask them. The official answer is always best.</li>
<li>There are circumstances where SAT IIs are not required--yours falls under them. Lack of access is an acceptable excuse.</li>

<p>I would think that, based on those circumstances, they would waive it. Definitely contact them as Mallomar said.</p>

<p>Mmmmmmmm, mallomars.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for the posts.</p>

<p>Basing on the above-stated I hope to get Subject Tests requirement waived for me. I will check it out with the University admission officers.</p>