What should I do?

<p>My first time taking the SAT, I got:
Critical Reading 690<br>
Math 720<br>
Writing 770</p>

<p>Second time (went down to 2090):
Critical Reading 640<br>
Math 690<br>
Writing 760 </p>

<p>I can take the SAT a third time in May, but I could also just stop taking it and worry about the SAT IIs. I'm applying to top colleges (top ten), and my counselor says I'm competitive for them. Should I retake the SAT I, or should I move on and worry about the SAT IIs? I can definitely do better than the trainwreck that was my second scoring.</p>

<p>Move on and worry about the II's.</p>

<p>Increase your CR score; it's not very good for top 10 schools.</p>

<p>My CR and writing is the other way around :). Alright, get some kid good in CR sucks at Writing to help u out, and u help tht kid with writing. I think tht is a nice idea!</p>

<p>take SAT I in October. Worry about II's first</p>