What should I major in at JMU?

If I want a job in the future for example like to be an advertising account manager, brand manager, broadcast production director, copywriter, journalist, media buyers or publicist. Would the best major for me to choose be journalism??

@kpositive - JMU doesn’t offer a journalism major; however, there are degree programs in Communications; Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communications; Media Arts and Design (there is a journalism concentration). Given the list of career fields above, I would consider a marketing major in JMU’s COB - a very solid program. The ability to write/communicate in general is invaluable for the workplace, and I would encourage you to take gen. ed. courses in these areas or may be minor in them if that is viable. Here’s a link for career outcomes under Marketing concentration - https://www.jmu.edu/cap/careerguide/mktg.shtml

My oldest D is a JMU grad - started out as a marketing major but switched to international affairs (a Political Science concentration) - landed an awesome internship that opened door to employment in NOVA at a major consulting firm that recruits on campus (JMU alumni network helped tremendously as well). The bottom line is that whatever major you settle on (and that may likely change as it did for my D), be sure to accrue marketable skills in the area of your passion and seek out impactful internships.