What should I major in?

For a while I’ve wanted to combine my two passions (asian studies and religious studies) into either a double major or major/minor combo depending on what the university offers. I planned to teach abroad in Korea for a few years, then come back to America to continue work in teaching (either as a professor or teaching Korean to American students).

I guess I’ve realized the potential job market for Asian studies isn’t the biggest. There’s teaching, diplomacy, and translating/interpreting. I was thinking of scrapping the religious studies, (it’s definitely my biggest passion, but the least practical of the two), and going for a double major in something useful as a back-up in case I don’t want to teach. The job market for religious studies and Asian studies professors is also extremely competitive and difficult to get into, even though that is what I planned as an end goal for so long.

I’m a strong writer and I think combining Journalism and Asian Studies into a double major could be a good idea. It seems like a good combination for jobs writing about Asian politics/pop culture/etc. My top school at the moment would also make this very easy for me, as 18 credits of the Journalism major need to be fulfilled by a minor or second major. I also considered the classic asian studies/business, but I hate STEM and the business majors I’ve seen require classes in calculus and other math courses.

I’m open to any major suggestions or feedback on the ones I am considering. Thanks to everyone who read through this mess!