What should i major in?

<p>Hi, I'm new here
I'm currently a high school junior and I've been thinking about what I should major in, but I've been hearing different things. I want to become a cardiologist, so some people tell me to just do the ordinary and major in biology, while others tell me to pick something else so that your different from the rest.</p>

<p>Any opinions of what you think I should major in which would best suit me for medical school and my profession?</p>

<p>As long as you meet the premed requirements, it doesn’t matter what you major in. Pick the major that interests you most and that’s the one in which you can excel. Picking something to be different than the rest won’t help you much as getting a high GPA in a field that interests you and that you enjoy.</p>

<p>Chemistry or Chemical Engineering (if a math superstar, go for Chemical Engineering, if merely OK at math, Chemistry). If you’re unsure of what to do just do those, so you can switch easily. Chemistry or Chemical Engineering can do literally anything. Go more towards liberal arts? Biology, or even further, Economics. Go towards hard science? Materials Science or Physics.</p>

<p>Do note that being a doctor is much like trying to be an NBA superstar and even if you’re in, there’s no guarentee you’ll survive the memorization of medical school. Chemistry or Chemical Engineering will give you the skills you need to succeed outside of the extremely narrow and limited health care service field, whereas a BS in Biology is, for actual jobs, barely better than Art History. Top chemists and engineers can become the CEO of a major corporation or sell a drug candidate to one for millions of dollars, something that the top doctors can’t even do, and the chemists/engineers don’t have to go thousands of dollars into debt for that.</p>