What should I minor in?

<p>I am an Applied and Computational Mathematics major. I would like to pursue a science minor so that I could possibly work in a science-related field in the future. Which field has a better job-market or employment? </p>

<p>1.) Computational Biology
2.) Geology</p>

<p>I suspect the first would be more useful, though I have no data to back that up.</p>

<p>My guess would be geology strictly because big oil companies are going through a myriad of ways to find new oil or extract more from areas that were inaccessible. Just my thought, but ultimately it's your decision.</p>

<p>Why computational biology? Since you're already doing "applied and computational" math, since a minor is only a few mostly basic courses, the "computational" part should already be covered by your major (I'm guessing "computational" biology involves differential equations, dynamic systems and statistics, applied to biological problems). I'm not sure why you'd pick the overlapping minor over a standard biology one instead.</p>

<p>Either way, pick the one you're most interested in, in terms of employment, your minor has little sway. Your future employer will take you for your applied math skills, all the rest (bio or geo) can be figured out on the job (really, the usefulness of the mathematics mindset is to be able to think abstractly, so you could use things learned in biology and see how the same reasoning could be applied in geology and vice-versa).</p>