What should I retake?

<p>Hi there ^^
Just received my ACT score and i got a composite score of 27 on it (I know it's bad... but I did absolutely no preparation before hand). I also took the SAT in march and got a 1980 with basically no preparation beforehand.
Both are pretty awful scores in my book and on these forums but I was curious as to what I should retake in the fall. I'm going to be a senior and will have a pretty heavy schedule next year.</p>

<p>On the SAT my weakest section is always critical reading and on the ACT its the science section. My math isn't in the 700+ region on the sat and i only got a 29 on the math on the act. </p>

<p>Not sure what to retake in the fall =/

anyone? D:</p>

<p>At least part of the answer hinges on the schools that you may be applying to, and what they require.</p>

<p>Any reason you can't be planning to retake both?</p>

<p>All the schools I want to apply to require either the sat or the act so its not really a question of which they prefer</p>

<p>I want to try and take both but I have a lot to do over the summer with my job, summer assignments for ap classes and traveling abroad to visit my ill grandparents and teaching myself java and css =/
I also have really heavy load in terms of school work {especially ap chem} for next year so I'm concerned i wont have enough preparation time after schools starts</p>

<p>Id prefer to focus on one test rather than giving half my attention to one exam and half my attention to another</p>