What should I take for self study?

<p>I've taken APUSH and taking APGOV and AP Psychology this year. I need one more to fill up my free AP exam slot (We pay for one and get 2 exams for free). What should I take?</p>

<p>No foreign language, physics, math, or chemistry please.</p>

<p>AP Environmental science - It's like a expanded version of the first unit u learn in biology (ecology), so it isn't intense, and its very fun. No math involved just memorization. Lots of common stuff to know.</p>

<p>AP Macro/Micro - I think Macro may be easier bcus it studies the economy as a whole, usually a full AP Econ class willtake it the 2nd semester after micro , so Macro is more manage to learn if u study it now.</p>

<p>Definitely AP Environmental Science!</p>