What should my college essay be about?

The prompt was to talk about a challenge in your life and while I have many I am not sure if college admissions would deem it positive for me to talk about my PTSD and how I have overcome it. Anyone else have similar experiences

Personally I would choose a different topic

This could be done well, but it could also be seen as a warning sign. It might depend on more details than you should share in a public forum.

That being said, the fact that you indicate you have overcome your PTSD is important, and a wonderful accomplishment for you, perhaps more important than any college essay.

Best of luck to you

Not positive to tell them you have ongoing, serious stressors. PTSD can take a long time to fully resolve.

Pick a challenge that you can turn into an asset. These sorts of questions are tests of your understanding of what they want/need to learn about you, for their class. No red flags.

I once had a kid who wrote a speech about how she had conquered an eating disorder.

One day, one of the judges came into the Tab room, very upset. He had just heard her speech. He was a dentist, and had enough medical training to know what we didn’t… that she wasn’t “over” it at all.

She died of complications from the eating disorder about 18 months later.

Again, I would choose another topic.