What should my schedule next year be?

<p>So I'm a junior now, and I have to start thinking about what my next year's classes are gonna be. I want to know which classes I should take to look the most appealing (and obviously be manageable as well). I've taken three AP classes so far (Music theory, American History, and Physics C Mechanics). I have an 8 class schedule, and I've taken 8 classes every year, so I was hoping to take maybe 7 next year. Here are the definites for next year:</p>

<p>Orchestra - full year
AP French - full year
AP Physics C E&M - full year
Life Skills (P.E.) - Semester
Humanities (English) - full year</p>

<p>The question here would be my Math and my Social Studies classes. Coming from Enriched Pre-Calc, they recommend that the students go into AB Calc. I was supposed to be in the honors track coming out of 8th grade, which would've had me in BC Calc this year, but I didn't because I didn't do enough homework in 8th grade. I've always been #1 in my class. I could also take AP Stat along with either one. I'd need a recommendation from my teacher (which I think that I can get) to get into BC Calc. Should I double up on math? I could also either take EHAP for Seniors, or just a semester of a social studies. I'm strongest in math and mathy sciences. What would be the best schedule to look most appealing to business schools such as NYU Stern (my first choice)?</p>