What should my study schedule be for these classes and EQ's?

<p>I'm gonna be a sophomore. My classes:
Algebra II Honors
Chemistry Honors
Spanish III Honors
English Honors
World History AP
Advanced Art I Honors</p>

<p>Of course there's PE and my computer class, but I don't think I need to schedule those. I'm having the same art teacher that I had my freshman year, and she promised the deadlines would probably be tighter and there would be more homework. So I'll probably have to work on projects at home often.
I also play sports in the fall and spring (tennis and lacrosse), plus I want to join a hip hop class and I haven't been able to find weekend classes. Last year during lacrosse season I usually got home at 6, sometimes 5.</p>

<p>It really varies a lot from school to school. Ap world took me 30 mins to an hour of study per lecture, English honors was more homework than study, but I managed A+'s in Honors alg 2 and chem without consistent study.</p>

<p>I had a similar schedule my sophomore year, though I go to the school for the arts where I major in visual arts so I am assuming I had more art homework. I personally would get home anywhere between 4:30 and past 9:00, but usually managed to get a decent amount of sleep. World history will be something you need to consistently devote time to (though I took honors), expect to spend a decent amount of time doing readings and reviewing notes. Algebra II and Chem vary a lot based on both your math/science skills and what concept you are on. That being said I doubt you will be looking at less then two hours a week for each. English will vary based on the speed that you read (as well as how morally opposed you are to using SparkNotes), though I found that I could read during downtime throughout the day and rarely spent time solely dedicated to work for the class. Spanish usually is not too much work as long as you can memorize vocab easily. Based on that schedule anticipate at least 1-2 hours of work a night after school, but just spend the most time on what is due (or you will be tested on) in the near future and anything that you are struggling with. Good luck!</p>