What song do you absolutely love?

Hey everybody!!

I am thinking about building a Spotify playlist in the near future. Any suggestions? What are some amazing songs? I personally love Journeys Faithfully. Never fails to make me misty-eyed.

So I thought maybe I could start this thread as a kind of place to trade favorite songs. During Covid-19, my music listening has gone up sooo much. I also play piano so I have managed to improve that a bit. If anyone likes romantic-classical music, Widmung by Robert Schumann and Franz Lizst played by Martha Argerich will make you cry!

My current favorite is Truth Be Told by Matthew West. He’s a Christian singer, so don’t go there if offended by Christian songs, but this one is really applicable for pretty much everyone in its main theme. Every time I hear it I think it ought to be background listening for people in various “down” times. It also seems like it should be the theme song for youth groups or schools to let kids (and adults!) know they aren’t alone feeling like they are the only one with problems.

So far everyone I’ve introduced it to (Christian or not) has loved the song. I think many of us often think we’re the only ones…

I’ve added it to my playlist (and I already had Faithfully on there from before :sunglasses: )

ETA Otherwise my playlist has a lot of songs on it. It’s tough to pick “just” one! Africa? The Sounds of Silence? Blowin’ in the Wind? Come Sail Away? Daydream Believer? Fernando? Friends? Good to be Alive? Hero? How Long Will I Love You by Jon Boden (H’s favorite) I Melt With You? If I Were a Rich Man? Lost in Love? Never My Love? Piano Man? Something that We Do? Take a Chance on Me? The Rose? Time in a Bottle? To Sir, With Love? Wind Beneath My Wings? Yesterday When I Was Young? Your Song?

I’d better stop, I’ve listed far more than one and have a whole lot more!

I’ll be reading this looking for others - one can never have too many IMO as long as one likes them. I listen to my phone a lot!

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I will be sure to check it out. Faithfully is such a beautiful song. Such a nice song but what happened afterwards was so sad…

Definitely… Life is cwappy sometimes, that’s for sure.

I edited mine to add a few more from my list - you have my mind on music now!

so Africa by TOTO is one of my favorite songs. I heard it at Harris Teeter yesterday :smiley: :grin:

Blowin’ in the wind is good but I prefer some other Bob Dylan songs like Knockin on Heaven’s Door. The Sound of Silence is really good but Disturbed kind of adds a bit too much roughness to it. I prefer S&G. As for rock, anybody part of the Bon Jovi fan club? I like Livin’ on a Prayer. Guns and Roses have some nice songs like November Rain and Sweet Child of Mine. Honestly, I hate Welcome to the Jungle.

Feel free to list as many as you like!


My current favorite song is “Follow You” Imagine Dragons.

Among from the past (too many to list):
“Beautiful Ones” Prince
“Hallelujah” Leonard Cohen
“Man Who Sold the World” Nirvana
“Born This Way” Lady GaGa
“Tiny Dancer” Elton John
“Mary Did You Know”
“Runaway Train” Soul Asylum
“Always Love You” Dolly Parton
“One” U2-first dance at wedding reception

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I only know a few of those songs actually.

As for Prince, I like Purple Rain. Never heard Beautiful Ones…

Nirvana’s Teen Spirit is good depending on the mood

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Island’s in the Stream performed by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers (RIP :sob:) is really good as well…

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May not be what you had in mind:

Pachelbel’s Canon in D


If its a song, post it…

In fact, my mom’s favorite song is probably Pachelbel’s Canon in D as well. As for S&G, I love both SoS and BOTW. Such good songs. Bob Dylan does have some good songs as well…

Correction…that should be “The Beautiful Ones”. It was featured in the movie “Purple Rain”. It shows such a range of vocals and emotion by Prince. It starts out with him playing piano soft, vulnerable and ballad-like to intense full powerful end.

I really have so many current and past songs I like it would be difficult to pick a favorite. I’m constantly rediscovering a song in the radio that I like. Anything ABBA, November Rain, Sounds of Silence (but I kind of like the Disturbed version better?). I walked down the isle for my wedding to “Canon In D”, so also a favorite.

well really the version of SoS depends on the mood. Disturbed is more of an angry mood while S&G is just more calm and relaxed. I still do listen to disturbed when i am disturbed about something…

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Oh my goodness, how did I forget? Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is so good

Remember Where You Are and Spotlight by Jessie Ware

Don’t Make it Harder on Me and Ungodly Hour by Chloe x Halle

Love Me 4 Me and Who’s Gonna Save You Now by Rina Sawayama

That’s some of it, there’s way too much to list out

Rachmaninoff Prelude No. 6, Opus 23. :slight_smile: One of the prettiest piano pieces every written, in my opinion. I played it in high school and now my daughter is going to play it. She’s really a jazz pianist, but she appreciates beautiful chords, which this piece has in abundance.

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Yes Rachmaninoff is amazing. I like his prelude in g minor. I prefer Chopin and I am currently working on Chopin Scherzo 1. Amazing piece with a bit of attitude.

There is a Light that Never Goes Out - The Smiths
Ever Changing Mood - The Style Council
True - Spandau Ballet (corny but I like it)
Unforgettable Fire - U2
Stay - Oingo Boingo
Everything I Own - Bread
What is Life - George Harrison
Peace Train - Cat Stevens

And the song that carried me through the time when my son battled cancer (he’s a survivor)…

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles


And of course, Chopin’s Etudes… perfection. Especially Winter Wind. Beethoven has some nice Sonatas like Apassionata and Sonata no 17 (the tempest) but his geniuses are his concertos like Concerto no 5 (Emperor).

As for Symphony, and I do warn you to only watch if you want to get EXTREMELY depressed, Gustav Mahler’s 10th Symphony. Composed when his daughter died and his wife was having an ahem ahem, Mahler really imbues this piece with so much sorrow. There is this really great version on Youtube that I suggest:

Youtube is not working so this is just the thumbnail that I could find

I’m working on a Chopin Impromptu and Chopin Berceuse in addition to Rachmaninoff’s Prelude No. 4, Opus 23. I like seeing the similarities and differences between the two composers.

I will look up the Scherzo! My plate is kind of full right now because I’m also working on a Mozart Sonata and a Bach Siciliano. :slight_smile:

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So happy about your son!!

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