What sort of SAT score to aim for? 11th grade app.

<p>What sort of SAT should I be aiming for if I want to apply for 11th grade at Exeter? SAT not SSAT! :)</p>

<p>Well, I'd guess something above a 2000, since it's Exeter.</p>


<p>No matter how high your score is, it's never high enough, there're always people with better score. At the same time, some of those with "very low" score still get in. If you ask about "safety range", there's no answer either.</p>

<p>Just do your best. The average SAT score for children at Exeter is about 2100, which is the cut-off (generally speaking) for ivy-league schools</p>

<p>2500? You can't get that high....</p>

<p>He was being sarcastic.</p>

<p>Depends on what else you have to offer...the less you have to offer in the rest of your app., the better you need to score.</p>