What specific plans do you have, if any, for using the education you hope to receive?

<p>Hello all,</p>

<p>I've been trying to figure what would be my answer to the question on the supplement: "What specific plans do you have, if any, for using the education you hope to receive?", and I have absolutely NO idea what to write!!</p>

<p>What did you people write? Any inspiring ideas?</p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>

<p>haha...I'm in the same boat as you! They haven't given much space tough so I don't suppose they're looking an essay or something?</p>

<p>I believe that they're expecting more of a short answer... But still... How the heck I'm supposed to specifically know what I'm going to do with the education I'll receive?? hahaha...</p>

<p>I'm clueless here... It's the only question left on my supplement...</p>

<p>I've been trying for the last past two weeks to write something there, but I cannot seem to get any inspiration at all...</p>

<p>I just want to get it over so that I can submit my supplement!!! hahahaha...</p>

<p>seriously? nobody can tell you the answer. do some soul-searching :)</p>

<p>I wouldn't limit myself to describing career plans though.</p>

<p>Right! That's exactly what I thought... They're probably expecting more of a wider perspective than some actual career plans (which makes things even harder!)</p>

<p>lol... i thought at least that's easy to bs!</p>

<p>Oh well... Do you think it would look really bad if I leave that unanswered?</p>

<p>i wouldn't give up any opportunity make my application as complete as possible, especially since it's not the toughest question to answer at all.</p>

<p>think about how many other applicants are gonna answer it.</p>

<p>that question's just for international students, right?</p>

<p>Yes tennisgirl, it's for internationals only.</p>

<p>I wonder if it is for visa purpose or something.</p>

<p>Can regular decision non-international applicants answer that question?</p>

I wonder if it is for visa purpose or something.


<p>I don't think so. The embassy is the one who determines if they issue a visa or not, not the university.</p>


<p>Hey, could somebody give me their input on the answer I came up for this question?
Here it goes...</p>

<p>I believe that as citizens of the world we must make a commitment to be solidary towards the community where we were brought up. I will admit that I do not envision a specific plan to pursue concerning my education and my retribution to society. However, I fully intend do so once my undergraduate studies are finished. I consider that Harvard will provide me not only with great educational instances, but with exceptional personal growing opportunities which will enlighten my path in figuring out the best way to put my newly acquired knowledge into work.</p>

<p>you MIGHT want to be a little more specific. it's important to BOTH be creative and answer the question.</p>

<p>btw, you're not a native speaker are you? "retribution" is usually used in the negative sense, as in "revenge", just for your info :)</p>

<p>I wrote just 2 lines for that question. No poetry, just got to the point. The reason is that I explained a little more detailed in an additional essay what I want to do in the future. When I wrote that essay, I had simply forgotten that question, but I didn't want to make a new essay, nor to tell twice the same thing.</p>

<p>Remember "if any"? If you really don't know what you are going to do, try to express that in a nice way.</p>

<p>do you know the reason why it is required for international students only?</p>

<p>Hey, resurrecting this thread--wondering the same thing. I'm an American citizen who lives overseas; why would Harvard have us complete another short answer about this? T.T</p>

<p>Also--what kind of response do you think we should give? Since it only talks about "specific plans"...my only real plan right now is to study International Relations or International Studies. Should I just leave it blank?</p>

<p>What specific plans do you have, if any, for using the education you hope to receive?</p>

<p>what does it mean? does it mean to use the knowledge for the further development or the specific plans of studying in the university?</p>

<p>Don't sweat it. I would just write a single sentence answering the question.</p>