What stats should I aim for?

<p>I'm interested in pursuing Aerospace Engineering at either Purdue, Virginia Tech, the University of Florida, or Ohio State. I'm a rising senior with a 3.83 GPA and a 29 ACT. </p>

<p>What stats should I aim for to be admitted into these programs? I recently visited Purdue, and they said the average admitted freshman had a 31 ACT and a 3.9 GPA, so I'm fairly close there, but still on the low side (maybe in-state will help). I'm assuming the other programs would have similar stats? Also, I haven't taken physics yet.... I'm taking it senior year long with AP Bio for my science credits. </p>

<p>Are these decent programs or should I aim lower? If so, where would you recommend I apply?</p>

<p>UF is biased towards florida residents, they hardly accept out of state</p>

<p>Okay, so the other three, what am I looking for?</p>

<p>My advice is for UF:</p>

<p>If you’re a rising senior it’s too late to change your GPA. What’s your UF calculated weighted GPA?</p>

<p>Retake your ACT and aim for a 32. It’s hard for OOS to get a foot in. </p>

<p>UF likes to see that you challenged yourself with AP/IB/advanced classes. Luckily they don’t care about your scores. ;)</p>

<p>Since you are in-state, just goto Purdue. Its better than UF, VT and Ohio State for engineering. You should get in.</p>

<p>Purdue is a great school for aerospace, but don’t expect any merit aid. My S was accepted with a 3.97U GPA (4.3W) and 31 ACT and was accepted into their engineering program, but not given any meirt aid.</p>

<p>Another student from his school with SLIGHTLY lower stats, was accepted into Purdue, but NOT into the engineering program. If he successfully completed specific coursework he could then reapply to the engineering program. Instead he opted to pursue an engineering tech degree that is less rigorous.</p>

<p>My guess is the difference in being accepted/not-accepted to the engineering program was performance in math and science coursework. My S had never received below an A in any of his math or science courses.</p>

<p>(and yes, we’re IS for Purdue - my S is now at Alabama which may not have the reputation, but you really can’t beat free)</p>