What summer work is better?

<p>My child is in biology major intended for applying medical school after the junior year. He just finished the first year in university. For this summer, he’s plan is to find volunteer work in hospital or doctor shadow or lab volunteer which he did lightly when he was in high school. I work in an engineering company and my company can offer my kid a test lab helper job with about $17/hour payment. However, this summer job has nothing to do with medicine. My question is if this non-medicine related summer work will be equally good as those volunteer work mentioned above for my son’s medical school application? For me and my son, this amount of money is not a major issue. Thanks for advise.</p>

<p>No. A non-medical related job is not equally good as the medical volunteering w/r/t ed school admissions if money isn't an issue. </p>

<p>What might be good compromise is to work part-time and volunteer/shadow part time. That demonstrates the ability to manage one's time and a commitment to volunteerism.</p>

<p>Good suggestion WOWM. Thank you.</p>