What tests should I r610etake??

<p>Hello. I'm going to be a rising senior. These are my scores:</p>

<p>Sat 1:
1. March, 2010
CR= 570
Total = 1930</p>

<p>Sat 2:
1. June, 2009
2. June, 2010
Chemistry=680 (after AP Chem)
Math 1=740
Math 2= 770</p>

1. April, 2010
2. June, 2010

<p>I thought I was done with testing after junior year but I suppose not..
So.. what test(s) should I retake, Sat 1, Sat 2 (which subjects?), or ACT? </p>

<p>I'm applying ED to Upenn Wharton (very long shot)
EA to MIT, Northeastern, UVM, Bentley, Wake Forest
RD to NYU, Georgetown, Emory, and Carnegie Mellon. </p>

<p>Please help!!

<p>i mean your sat scores probably wont get you into great schools, so i would say retake it. however, your 34 act is very good so you can submit that instead, in which you should retake your subject tests.</p>

<p>But the 34 was only on math, it wasn't a composite... So, I should submit the 29 composite with the 34 in math?</p>

<p>^no. retake which ever you feel like you can improve the most in.</p>

<p>anyone elseee?</p>

<p>I would worry about ACT/SAT rather than SATIIs for the moment.</p>

<p>Your two 700+ SATIIs are in the same subject area, so it would be advantageous to bring that 680 in chem to a 700+.</p>

<p>However, the 1930 SAT should be your main focus for improvement.</p>

<p>The good thing about retaking the SAT is that many colleges superscore it, so your solid 720 from your first SAT would stand even if you did worse on math the next time; you could concentrate on the other two SAT I areas if you have limited time to prepare. There is a good thread on CC about getting a 12 Essay in 10 days (of preparation).</p>

<p>o the act 34 was only math? well if you feel that you can do better on the sat instead of the act, then retake the sat. just do whatever one you are more comfortable with.</p>

<p>so, as of right now, i'm thinking of retaking both act and sat in sept and oct. does it look bad if i take the act 3 times? and i'm guessing i shouldn't do any more sat subject tests...?</p>

<p>Well, I'm pretty sure, for the ACT, you can send in your best score(s), so it wouldn't really matter if you took it 3 times. </p>

<p>Additionally 3 times is perfectly fine; anything more than a 3 would be bad.</p>