what tha hook gon be!?!

<p>Hey I saw this thread on the Yale message board and I thought it was interesting... what is your hook? I think mine is probably one of two things... I'm a State Champion debater and I've worked my way through the ranks of Fast Food food for the past three years. So, whatcha hook gon be!?</p>

<p>my non-academic hooks:</p>

<p>making a demo website for penn.....
awards in business and model UN on the state and national level
knowing wayyyy too much about the huntsman program....
plus, i have something really weird on my resume : 6-time goldmedalist for ballroom dancing lol</p>

<p>My Hook- Don't have many</p>

<p>I ran the Kerry ground operation here in my district.
Kerry Primaries intern. (In case you don't notice, I am a democrat, and hell proud of it. :))
Spent the summer in China tutoring underprivileaged kids- spent two weeks in the rural areas learning the basics of farming without technology- my hand still has a scar from all of the work.
I love Penn- is that a hook? haha. </p>

<p>Sux that the Democrats lost. I still feel like crying.</p>

<p>I Am Pennnnnnnnnnn</p>

<p>I'm involved in a lot of political stuff...Model UN, campus action, plus i founded another political club and organized a school presidential debate through that...
I also play chess...lol</p>

<p>wtf somma you kids are crazzzzzzzy.</p>

<p>uh my hooks are uh..i guess..wel..what i wrote my essays about...:
-CFO of video productions company my friends and I started few yeras back so like business/financial experience and that sort of ****
-8 years classical indian music (2 instruments and vocal training)..performed all over the place like California Center for the Arts...and my page217 essay was about my audition for penn masala (penn's indian all-male worldfamous a capella group)</p>

<p>Yeah sorry about the whole Kerry thing...kinda didn't understand middle America. Better luck next time.</p>

<p>My hook: spent 9 months studying/living in Spain. Have 2 businesses. Interview big name bands like 311, O.A.R.. hold a patent</p>

<p>errr 2 businesses??? what are they?</p>

<p>My hook: double legacy.</p>

<p>too lazy to type up details. i too am a double legacy and my bro goes there, although i hear that doesn't help for huntsman</p>

<p>i go to the #1 high school in new jersey. nuff said.</p>

<p>i guess havin a 3930/4000 for SAT I (1580) + IIs (800,790,760) could be considered a hook even though it is academic....</p>

My hook is that I'm double legacy and fairly retarded</p>

<p>URM is my hook, and didn' have to work my ass off like all of y'all.... haha just kiddin', it isn't that big of a hook like yours</p>

<p>I have a professional ska band (yes CD and all that merch stuff <a href="http://www.upperhandnj.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.upperhandnj.com&lt;/a&gt;)
I have president of my school.
I have two years of biomed research under my belt.</p>

<p>im just all around awesome! i dont need a hook!</p>

<p>er...yeaaaaah. im getting kinda nervous, cause i dont really have one.</p>



<p>meh. ditto. hopefully my essays will be hook?</p>