What the heck...Chances for UC's/top colleges

<p>w00t ya...i've succumbed to doing a chances post lol
i'm a junior right now</p>

<p>Major = electrical engineering most likely</p>

<p>GPA - 3.85 UW
4.something W
(this only includes sophomore and freshman grades;i expect all A's junior year atleast)
i'm also ELC... i'm somewhere in the top 10 of my class of 530ish</p>

<p>freshman grades</p>

<p>Adv. Alg 2 - B+/A
Health - doesn't matter
PE- doesn't matter
Comp Tec - A/A (doesn't matter though)
Adv. English - A/A
Japanese 1 - A/A
Biology - A/A</p>

<p>Sophomore grades</p>

<p>Japanese 2 - A/A
Honors English 2 - B/B+
AP World History - A/A
AP Stats - A/A
Leadership - doesn't matter
Chemistry - A/A
Math Analysis (Pre-calc/trig) - A/A</p>

<p>Junior classes</p>

<p>AP Physics C
AP Calc Ab (school only offers AB, will probably self study for BC test)
AP English Language
AP US History
Japanese 3
PE 2
Couple of programming courses at comm. college</p>

<p>Senior classes (rough prediction)</p>

<p>AP English Lit
Japanese 4
Art -pre req to graduate
Linear Algebra/differential equations/Calc III/physics : E&M @ comm. college</p>


<p>AP Stats - 4
AP world history - 4</p>

<p>SAT II - Math IIC - 760
Chem - expecting 700+
taking US SAT II - expecting 700+</p>

<p>ACT - taking in october, expect 34+, no lower than 33</p>


<p>-national level fencer
-finalist at ISEF 06
-Been doing cutting edge research since 8th grade (by myself, no lab/mentor or anything) and have won several awards at science fairs
-<em>Have done a couple of years of research in wireless sensor networks-UC berkeley pioneered in this field, and this is going to be huge in the future (my ISEF project involved wireless sensor networks)</em>
-developed a way to enhance camera security in schools using cutting edge technology (working on patent/implementing at school)
-regional finalist at JSHS science competition
-black belt in tae kwon do (this was a while back..not doing it anymore though)
-been writing in local newspaper for 6/7 years
-UCSB Research mentorship program (research in a physics lab over summer/will get findings published in a journal)
-Sophomore class president
-Youth Commisioner for my county (we are part of the county government; we work with the mayor etc, try to get youth involved in gov etc; this was a selective thing...i was interviewed etc)
-Boy Scout (working towards eagle)</p>

<p>i guess my main hook would be research as i plan to do a lot more by the time i graduate HS and get articles published in journals etc</p>

<p>those are just a bunch of EC's but the main ones i'll focus on (for essays and app) would be research and fencing. these are the main two EC's that i do. </p>



<p>what do you even need college for? apparently youve already got it all figured out.</p>


<p>cutting-edge research, eh?</p>

<p>well it looks like you're taking a pretty decent courseload, but i don't think your hook should be something that you're "planning" to do. it should be something you've done, something you are, etc. i could apply to stanford and say i'm planning to cure cancer, and that wouldn't do me any good. getting published in journals is no easy feat, either.</p>

<p>i don't have any other advice for you, i don't know if you have a shot or not, i just think a hook shouldn't be something you're planning to do.</p>

<p>best wishes, though!</p>

<p>well my hook is research since i have done research, hence the ISEF and other science competitions....when i stated my hook i meant that i have done extensive scientific research projects for the last 3-4 years and will continue doing it through the end of High school....i'm sorry my wording was sort of confusing...</p>

<p>and for the journals...i have worked with professors/graduate students who can help me get some of my research in journals =)</p>

<p>well that's cool. those same professors might also help with good supplementary letters of rec, if you know them well enough personally.</p>

<p>UCB (engineering)--slight reach
UCLA (engineering)--match to slight reach
UCSB--safe match
MIT--too soon to tell--probably reach
Stanford--too soon to tell--probably reach

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>I mostly agree with calcruzer. </p>


<p>UC Berkeley (engineering): Slight Reach
UCLA (engineering): Match-Slight Reach
UCSD (engineering): Match
UCSB: Safety
MIT: Slight Reach-Reach
Stanford: Slight Reach-Reach
Cornell: Match-Slight Reach
Carnegie Mellon: Match</p>

<p>so what's holding me back at teh moment? mainly gpa? don't know how much of a difference this would make but my UC GPA will most likeley be like 4.4 as i expect all A's this year. My 10-11 school GPA would be like 3.95 UW, 9-11 would be 3.9 UW, and like 4.6 W 10-11, my 9-11 would be 4.34 W</p>

<p>Well a lot of your stuff is predicted....you really don't know what you will get...but I know a lot of people that go to Berkeley...and your stats are better than their's</p>


<p>You keep "cutting" that "edge," dude.</p>


<p>Assuming you are a California resident:
UCB/UCLA: Match (Engineering)
UCSD: Safe Match (Engineering)
UCSB: Safety</p>