what the heck

<p>i just finished the second section of the reading part (there are 4 sections in act reading) and the teacher says 5 minutes left</p>


<p>Why did you post this then?!</p>

<p>yeah the first section took me >10 minutes, so i was worried too... i ended up finishing on time though. If anything, I thought reading was easier than normal</p>

<p>@ZombieDante, he's not in the test now... I see how his post is poorly worded though.</p>

<p>@NCDukie, I had the same problem. I probably spend 10 minutes on the 1st passage just to answer 5 questions and finally decided to skip it and come back. I ended up finishing all of the other passages and only had to guess on 2 from the 1st passage.</p>