What the hell?!?!

<p>Ok so I took a kaplan sponsored test at our school and I received the results. 1910. !!!</p>

<p>The breakdown</p>

<p>Math - 700 (Not bad, not a change from my testing at home since I hadn't worked on it)
Writing - 570 (Not a surprise at all. I hadn't worked on my writing at all and its my worst section)</p>

<p>Reading - 640!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This got me EXTREMELY MAD, as I have worked on this section a lot and I felt that I had really improved. I was scoring mid 700's on the blue book and I felt like I understood the questions sooo welllllll. The sectional breakdown looks like this. First section 23 right 1 wrong. Next section 15 right 9 wrong. 3rd Section 16 right 3 wrong)</p>

<p>Oh god, I wanted to take the SAT this october (as a junior) but now I really think I'll have to push it back to May if I want any chance at a 2200-2300</p>

<p>Don't worry too much. Sometimes your scores can fluctuate. I got a 750 on CR for one blue book test but I would be surprised if I even broke 700 on the January SAT. Just keep practicing. Also, only take college board practice tests. They will be the most accurate indicators of your score.</p>

<p>Kaplan has pretty awkward-questions. Don't trust them. Trust the score you got from BB</p>

<p>It's Kaplan. Not College Board. Stick to the official SAT scores and don't worry about the other ones.</p>