What The ?

<p>okay, so when I first got into BU I was thinking wow, this is great. i got into my number one school and got a nice financial aid package. but now …</p>

<p>they seem to be taking thousands away from it.
i had forty k and am now down to thirtyone k
my EFC was just around $3000, </p>

<p>is anyone else having this issue?
and can i do anything about it?
i mean, what the __ boston university?!</p>

<p>My EFC was under $3000 and I didn't get a dime from BU my freshman year. While a girl from the same high school as me with considerably lower credentials received something in the 30K range. I'm not sure how she pulled this off because she has a beautiful home and fairly well off, but financial paper work can be tweaked to make it appear otherwise. Anyway the moral is I worked my butt off and got those nice grades reapplied and will be receiving just over half tuition next semester. I will continue to work hard and keep reapplying. More money becomes available as people transfer and become academically ineligible for the money they were once receiving. I dunno if that girl from my high school lost her aid but her grades were trashy and I wouldn't be surprised or care if she did.</p>

<p>Wait, they've been lowering your financial aid package?</p>

<p>Call. It's worth saving $9,000.</p>

<p>yeah, they've been lowering it.</p>

<p>it seems that every week now, it seems to get lower and lower. I just got my third letter saying that it's been reduced ... EVEN THOUGH I turned and submitted and accepted my financial award package TWICE. </p>

<p>does that even make sense?
I feel like this is some evil ploy to get students in and then just take it away from them after they've accepted enrollment. it just doesn't seem fair.</p>

<p>Make sure to call the Office of Financial Assistance so that they can explain the matter to you. Don't hesitate one second in calling them.</p>

<p>That's baaaad business. Call them.</p>