What time are scores up?

<p>In terms of Eastern time, what time are scores put up?</p>

<p>I heart 2AM. Would take make it 11PM on the west?</p>

<p>Any confirmation for 2 AM?</p>

<p>Well, from looking at the February thread... 1 AM eastern.</p>

<p>Wait, I'm confused. Does it come out at 1AM eastern on June 28? So would that make it 10pm June 27 for us on the West Coast?</p>

<p>^I'm not sure if its 1 or 2 am, but yes that'd make it come out at either 10 or 11pm on the west coast lucky us :)</p>

<p>It indeed looks to be 1 AM judging from the February thread. Nice.</p>

<p>Yeah it's 1 AM for eastern, midnight for central, and 11 PM for western, I believe.</p>

<p>Midnight for Mountain time, 11 PM for Central, 10 PM for Western. ^</p>

<p>^ that scares me. I would hate to have to wait so much longer. Has anyone had an experience of that happening?</p>

<p>^ Sure, plenty have. Most don't, though. Chances are you'll be fine if your status is "tested".</p>

<p>@newaccount: I'm not sure about the others you listed, but I think that central is midnight. Where did you get that info? Lol, I live in the central time zone, so this would mean that I've been checking my scores an hour later than I needed to :)</p>

<p>Sweet 10 PM that makes me happy :) I really hope I did well cause I didn't get the score I wanted for the SAT (as planned). So let's see.</p>

<p>It's definitely up by 2 Eastern Time. Maybe earlier, but that was when i checked last time</p>

<p>Well... the ACT is based in Iowa, which is CST, so midnight central does make sense. I only wish college board did it that way. I wouldn't have had to wait for the wee hours of the morning to check my scores.</p>

<p>Nearly 100% of test takers will see their scores online at exactly 1 AM Eastern on June 28th. The only way you wouldn't get your score at that time would be if you found a way to mess up your demographics.</p>