What time do college kids typically go to bed each night?

<p>I thought I'd hear from some students (and their parents if they have that knowledge).</p>

<p>I know that my kids typically go to bed during the school year between midnight and 2 am. LOL (that's why no 8 am classes!).</p>

<p>You should post this in the College Life Forum unless you only wanted to find out what time University of Alabama students go to bed.</p>

<p>I was really just interested in Bama kids, but really anyone can post their situation. We're "ecumenical" here. :)</p>

<p>My son, well, it depends on what he needs to do. Some nights, it's 11 or midnight. Some nights, it's 2 or 3. Maybe 4 a.m. Again, he does not have 8 a.m. classes. His earliest class as a freshman was 10 a.m. When he was doing his CBHP project at the end of each semester (and M2CK knows this since one of her sons is in CBHP), my son often said, "What's a bed?" Twice during the fall semester, he skyped me at 6 a.m. He had not been to bed yet.</p>

<p>Many of his friends are in the same position. It is not uncommon for them to stay up to 3 or 4 a.m. studying or working on a project. They all understand the value of an afternoon nap.</p>

<p>Before 1 am is an early/good night to me with or without 8 am classes in the morning. I do fit in a nap here or there though.</p>

<p>just like high school, i guess, haha :)</p>

<p>Well, it really depends on the night. If it is the weekends, I'm probably going to stay out until around 2 and then wind down with friends for about another hour. If it is a weekday, I would say I probably go to bed around 1 unless I have an exam the next day. Yes, I did have an 8 am class and made it to every single class. </p>

<p>The answer to this question depends entirely on the student and will vary a lot.</p>


<p>Sometimes, it is possible to shift one's schedule towards evening classes. I did this my first semester and sometimes wouldn't go to bed until 6 (my first class was at 3:30PM). When I got a more typical schedule for second semester, it was between 1 and 3. Things can be a lot more peaceful in the early morning hours.</p>

<p>My average "bedtime" this past year was probably 2:30 AM, if I went to bed at all. And unfortunately, I had an 8AM class at least twice a week both semesters. It was painful, but I made it to every class, every time but once. And yeah, during the CBHP final projects, sleep was practically nonexistent. I texted my friends around 5AM just to confuse them :D.</p>