what time do SAT scores come online on the 20th?

<p>Is there a specific time? Should I wait up all night, or will it be sometime in the morn. Thanks.</p>

<p>Rumor is it between 5 AM EASTERN and 8 AM EASTERN.</p>

<p>oh man. now I'm going to be temped to stay up. I'm in pacific time zone.</p>

<p>guarenteed 8 am eastern according to their website. Of course there are some scores that get delayed, for whatever the reason might be.</p>

<p>Odd. Is there a likely chance of getting a delayed score? Or is it impossible to tell?</p>

<p>probably impossible to tell. It happens to a very small percentage of test takers. Probably marks on scantrons, messed up test book etc.</p>

<p>Well I'm pretty sure I filled out my testbook correctly. :P</p>