What to bring? APP State

Hello! so, I am an incoming student for the spring 2020 semester, and I would like to ask any Boone locals or even current students what are some necessities to bring with you if you will live in a dorm at Appalachian. I also know that the weather there changes like there is no tomorrow, so what pieces of clothing would you recommend I bring with me for all the different weather at app.
Thanks in advance!

I would invest in some reliable boots, some thick socks, a raincoat, a pair of gloves, a scarf, an umbrella, and a nice winter coat in addition to your regular clothes. It will be worth spending a little extra money for something that will last a long time. One piece of advice I have is to layer clothing in the event of a temperature change during the day. Keep in mind that it gets very chilly during the winter. Maybe bring an extra blanket or two for your dorm if you get cold easily like me. :slight_smile: Hope this helps. Go 'Neers!