What to Bring overall?

<p>Hello all, I am a 2013 appointee, I have a few questions which may help all appointees. </p>

<li>What should we bring on I day</li>
<li>What is not necessary to bring on I Day? </li>
<li>What are some things our parents can ship to us after BCT? </li>
<li>Is it a good idea to check in our bags and would the sponsor family mind?</li>

<p>I ask about checking in bag because we have to bring shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste and it is not allowed to be taken in an hand bag.</p>

<p>Thanks alot all replies will be helpful.</p>

<p>The appointee packet has pretty much everything we need I think. To make it simple, I shall put the list on here and we can add/take away based on suggestions from others.</p>

<p>From the Appointee Booklet
-Black Eyeglass strap
-eyeglass and contact prescription w/one pair of glasses
-Orthodontic Retainers
-Toothbrush, Toothpaste, dental floss
-Lip Balm
-Bath Soap
-Military Medical Records
-Travel receipts
-Combat Boots
-Scholarship Checks
-Military ID (if prior military or dependent)
-Essential medications
-Photo ID
-Security Clearance Paperwork
-Molded Cleats (optional)</p>

<p>Other Items suggested, not in appointee booklet
-Copy of all sent in paperwork
-Orthopedic Shoe/Boot Inserts
-A good attitude :D
< continue list here></p>

<p>passport (if you have) for photo ID</p>

<p>my son already had a passport upon entering, but maybe someone can advise to 2013 if they will be required to have a current passport at some point at the academy and when</p>

<p>I'd bring your cell phone and charger. They don't weigh much, and you will have them back as soon as it is allowed.
Small amounts of shampo, soap etc can be brought in carry-on bags. They must be under 3oz. each and all fit in a 1 quart bag.</p>

<p>Other than that, bring your A-game.</p>

<p>yep; bring exactly what they tell you, and hardly any more... you simply wont need it til after! make sure you have everything else though :)</p>

<p>Your self-respect. Although most basics learn how to cope within two or three days.
Passport, not required... you'll get it when you need it (I've never had one, and still don't). You'd only need it if a team you're with travels overseas (rare), or for ops the summer right before your junior year. But you'd be taken care of for that too, and that's if you go outside CONUS (most people don't).</p>

<p>For your Security Clearance paperwork you need to verify your citizenship with one of the following: birth certificate, passport or naturalization certificate. Check the front page of the Security Clearance document for the exact requirements (this is the document that you fill out before hand and hand carry to In Processing).</p>

<p>I need to bring naturalization certificates for direct family members who were not born in the US for the security questionnaire... Do they give us an opportunity to mail those back home during basic? Or should we leave the originals at home and bring copies? (I'm guessing that copies don't cut it for passports/birth certificates/naturalization certificates?)</p>


<p>you need originals. you might be able to mail it back during basic, but i wouldn't count on it. your best bet is to get another original.</p>

<p>About naturalization certificates - what if you have a direct family member who is not a US citizen and therefore does not have a naturalization certificate? What do you do then?</p>

<p>Do you need to bring certificates/proof of citizenship for family members? or is that you need proof of citizenship for yourself if you have non-US born family members?</p>

<p>Don't forget to pack your sense of humor. Remember you're not the first to go through this and you won't be the last. Don't take things personal either. Good luck!</p>

<p>kmc: I didn't read anything about that in the questionnaire. The only thing I can think of is stating what country they are a citizen of in the space they provide and hope that's enough.</p>

<p>Actually you may want to contact the Security Manager by email or phone call as stated on the front of the packet... Unless you get a better answer from one of the cadets on here.</p>

<p>Only bring what you're told to bring. For everything else, if you were meant to have it during BCT, they'll issue it. ;)</p>

<p>Regarding passport -- I recommend getting a passport. You can apply now, or there will be a passport fair at USAFA during fall semester.</p>

<p>In addition to team travel and OPS, you would also need a passport for personal travel to Mexico or Canada on spring break. Used to be you could drive into Mexico or Canada on just your drivers license, but those days are gone -- need a passport.</p>

<p>If you apply for a cultural immersion or language immersion experience, or the Deployed Lt program to the MidEast following your 2 dig year, you will likely travel on an official passport which may not be valid for personal travel outside of the trip parameters.</p>

<p>What about for parents weekend
what should our parents bring then</p>

<p>if there are things you want at the academy that aren't critical, have them bring it out then. this can include things like pictures, computers, printers, notes from high school classes, your favorite non-electronic game, etc. some of those things you can buy when they're here if you don't already have one, but if you have one at home to use have them bring those things then. i'd also recommend have them bring your own underwear (males, unless you like the whitie tighties you're issued). to help your parents, you could make a box or suitcase of what you think you'll want, but you'll have time between basic and PW to e-mail any changes, either things you no longer want or something you forgot</p>

<p>I just want to says, "THANKS" to all the current cadets that post helpful suggestions here. I really appreciate you guys and gals!</p>

<p>just don't listen to eagle and you're good. He's too crazy.... :) j/k! last week dude, I'm gonna miss Florida.</p>

<p>yeah, me too. i'm just starting to get used to this 0700 wake-up for PT or work, and its going to be all messed up... lol. that speech is almost memorized though ;)</p>