What to bring to an interview???

<p>When I go to an alumni interview, what should I bring with me? Should I take a copy of my resume and the essays I submitted to the college? Do I need anything more or less than that? Thanks!</p>

<p>Yes, it's a good idea to take the above things. It also can be good to take things like: a copy of your best research paper; a portfolio of your art work; examples of your creative writing; a newspaper article about you.</p>

<p>The resume and copies of your application essays allow the interviewer to get a quick overview of who you are. It really helps interviewers to see app essays so the interviewers don't go over with you info that the college already has. The interview report will be most helpful to adcoms if the interview covered info that was not presented in depth on your application.</p>

<p>AND.....A thorough familiarity of the information on their web site.</p>

<p>Well, know the school well and bring some questions (real questions that you can't just find answers to on the website)</p>

<p>That is not needed. As an alumni interviewer for a top school, I only ask scores and GPA at the very end of the interview so as not to make an initial impression. The college has all that info and is looking for other info from an student, personality, compassion, confidence, how students come across, their excitement about learning,self knowlege, passion for life ie things that are not learned from a resume. My S interviewed for Duke and was told they were just checking that applicants weren't serial killers or anything lol.</p>

<p>Oh and I totally agree with zantedeschia, many students ask questions which are found on the college website and know very little about the school, makes you question their true interest. Others know a lot and that is impressive, and allows you to discuss more in depth issues about the college</p>