What to Bring to Orientation?

<p>On Myspace there was a post about what to bring and they were saying stuff like:</p>


<p>I thought this was all provided for us at orientation? Maybe bring your own towel, but sheets??!</p>

<p>They give you towels (2), washcloths (2), a pillow, and sheets for orientation (all cleaned beforehand and given to you as you arrive), so unless you have issues with using their stuff, don't bother bringing anything on that list. For me, it was pretty tired but the end of the day, so it didn't really matter what sheets/pillow I had. Seriously, the list they give you in your orientation packet is more than you'll need. But remember to bring a backpack, as they give you a ton of handouts/booklettes/etc.</p>

<p>yeah you don't need any of that. Just bring personal stuff you need that isn't bedding/towels...e.g. toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc. And you don't really need anything else besides that...they basically give you a bunch of booklets and handouts to carry around.</p>

<p>what school in nyu is this orientation for?</p>

<p>its for cas.</p>

<p>what does it say in the orientation packet? i never got one because CAS hasn't been sending me anything, I've had to call them about everything (I know, kinda stupid). and its gonna be hot there right? im from california so i have no clue what NY summers are like because i heard they are different from cali summers.</p>

<p>It'll be hot there when you're outdoors. I'm from cali too, and ny summers ARE a different kind of hot. Cali summers are dry, so the heat isn't that bad, whereas in NY, the weather is far more humid, making the heat less bearable and more stuffy. Definitely bring at least one pair of long pants and a jacket though, because while you're there, you spend most of your time in the silver center for arts and science, and that building BLASTS AC. Trust me, its absolutely freezing and you'll regret it if you're sitting there wearing a tank, shorts, and flip-flops =)</p>

<p>haha ok cool</p>

<p>speaking of sheets, I keep getting an advertisement, supposedly endorsed by NYU, for special long sheets that are like $800o a package, lol. Do you really need these sheets? Or can you just get extra long ones at a Walmart, or something?</p>

<p>you can get long sheets anywhere... thats just a scam to get you to buy THEIR sheets... dont do it</p>

<p>the package is actually only 180 and if u get the smaller packages (less junk) it can go down to about 119 ish...i dunno though...</p>

<p>what other places do they have long sheets at...i dont really like walmart, but what kinds of department stores have long sheets in nice designs?????</p>

<p>check out this site, they have nice stuff, CHEAP, and I hate Walmart.</p>

<p><a href="http://www.domestications.com/parent2.asp?product=A10000x%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.domestications.com/parent2.asp?product=A10000x&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I'm getting my sheets from Lands End. They have them at Linens 'n Things too. Anywhere you look that has XL sheets will fit the bed. From what i hear you REALLY don't want to buy the dorm linens in that little flier that was sent out. Rumor is they don't last long and stain other laundry...</p>

<p>ok...so what do we need to buy??</p>

<p>HOW MANY pillowcases, sheets, etc...and how many pillows...etc...</p>

<p>and also...what is the size called? is it XL twin?????</p>

<p>i am really lost w all this!</p>

<p>haha youre funny. usually 2 pillowcases enough. one pillow is all you need (unless you wanna decorate your bed with little pillows, but thats up to you) i believe it is XL twin that you need.</p>

<p>haha........thank u...lol
what about sheets? i really don't even know what fitted sheets are...lol...
are they the duvet cover things or the other thing that goes on your actual mattress?? haha...im serious though lol</p>

<p>you need:</p>

<p>fitted sheet
the sheet
then the comforter (which might have a duvet cover, but not needed)</p>

<p>thats all.... unless you want a blanket in between your comforter and sheet, but i dont think you need it</p>

<p>thanks so much!</p>

<p>do u have a facebook? whats ur email?...u should befriend me lol</p>

<p>yes i do have a facebook!!! my name is Vanessa De Jesus .... ADD ME!!! yay! socal girls!!!</p>

<p>OMG...thats so funny...i was reading the nyu 2009 posts on facebook today and i saw a discussion going on about ur last name..and then now when u said ur name ...i was like oh, what a coincidence haha</p>

<p>i just added u :)</p>