What to Bring to Orientation?

<p>you can get long sheets anywhere... thats just a scam to get you to buy THEIR sheets... dont do it</p>

<p>the package is actually only 180 and if u get the smaller packages (less junk) it can go down to about 119 ish...i dunno though...</p>

<p>what other places do they have long sheets at...i dont really like walmart, but what kinds of department stores have long sheets in nice designs?????</p>

<p>check out this site, they have nice stuff, CHEAP, and I hate Walmart.</p>

<p><a href="http://www.domestications.com/parent2.asp?product=A10000x%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.domestications.com/parent2.asp?product=A10000x&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I'm getting my sheets from Lands End. They have them at Linens 'n Things too. Anywhere you look that has XL sheets will fit the bed. From what i hear you REALLY don't want to buy the dorm linens in that little flier that was sent out. Rumor is they don't last long and stain other laundry...</p>

<p>ok...so what do we need to buy??</p>

<p>HOW MANY pillowcases, sheets, etc...and how many pillows...etc...</p>

<p>and also...what is the size called? is it XL twin?????</p>

<p>i am really lost w all this!</p>

<p>haha youre funny. usually 2 pillowcases enough. one pillow is all you need (unless you wanna decorate your bed with little pillows, but thats up to you) i believe it is XL twin that you need.</p>

<p>haha........thank u...lol
what about sheets? i really don't even know what fitted sheets are...lol...
are they the duvet cover things or the other thing that goes on your actual mattress?? haha...im serious though lol</p>

<p>you need:</p>

<p>fitted sheet
the sheet
then the comforter (which might have a duvet cover, but not needed)</p>

<p>thats all.... unless you want a blanket in between your comforter and sheet, but i dont think you need it</p>

<p>thanks so much!</p>

<p>do u have a facebook? whats ur email?...u should befriend me lol</p>

<p>yes i do have a facebook!!! my name is Vanessa De Jesus .... ADD ME!!! yay! socal girls!!!</p>

<p>OMG...thats so funny...i was reading the nyu 2009 posts on facebook today and i saw a discussion going on about ur last name..and then now when u said ur name ...i was like oh, what a coincidence haha</p>

<p>i just added u :)</p>

<p>haha... i see you went to corona del mar.... and you dance. were you by any chance on orchesis?</p>

<p>no i wasnt...i didnt really have time for it bc i was doing ballet at another studio...but do u know ppl at cdm??</p>

<p>my old dance coach moved to corona last yr and took over orchesis... so i went to the orchesis show.</p>

<p>oh really thats so cool...are u going to do any dancing at nyu?</p>

<p>hopefully... they have a dance team that im going to try out for and i want to take those open classes offered at Tisch. also would be really cool to take some classes in the city</p>

<p>the cas dance team??..i was going to try out for that too..but i didnt know if it would be too time consuming or not. what kind of dance is it mostly?? </p>

<p>ooh and i really wanted to take some classes at sab!</p>

<p>what kind of dance do u do?</p>

<p>im really into lyrical, modern and jazz and i think the dance team is strictly jazz. not sure tho. are u strictly ballet?</p>

<p>yeah. im totally ballet. i have done a little bit of modern (like once a week for the past year) and a little bit of jazz (a few years ago) but i still want to try out...is it really hard to get into??</p>

<p>i have no clue.... i hope not because i really need to keep dancing (i hate any other form of exercise... lol im so lazy)</p>