What To Bring To Orientation

<p>Thank you for the help : )</p>

<p>Hey are you going to L&S this sunday too? Anyway you'll want to bring basic toiletries, a sleeping bag, and money for the store there. So toiletries might include towels, toothbrush, soap. Some things are provided, but I personally like to use my own things. It's only 2 days plus a morning for class sign-ups, so no need to pack heavy. It will be hot there, according to weather reports. Maybe high 80s - 90s. Bring sunblock, and you probably won't want to wear jeans. Bring shorts, and maybe a light sweater if the nights get cold.</p>

<p>Oh and make sure you bring some writing utensils for the placement tests you may end up taking, or even to just mark up the catalog of classes. A calculator too, just in case.</p>

<p>do we need to bring our laptop to orientation?</p>

<p>You're not required as many students have not yet purchased their laptops yet. There are still sales yet to be announced nearer to the start of school. If you already have one, you may choose to bring it along with you to register it with the school, for internet and all that jazz. You can always do this during the fall, there is no need to rush.</p>

<p>I don't know if you want to bring a sleeping bag, but if you get cold like I do then you should bring your own blanket. It got so cold that I didn't notice and my nose started running so I put on a jacket. You could always adjust the AC too.</p>

<p>Bring around 15 dollars, iPod, cell phone, 2 jackets (one thick, one thin), bring your laptop if you want to register it.</p>

<p>bring a calculator if you think u need it for ur chem placement exam (you dont really need it)</p>

<p>Bring junk food/snacks. Look good your first day for the photo ID :D</p>

<p>Bring clothes to change into, bring toiletries for when you shower. Bring a camera for the memories of this experience.</p>

<p>Pen and paper are useful for registration preparation.</p>

<p>Im guessing that only a scientific calc will be allowed for the chem placement?</p>

<p>And is it really necessary to bring your own towels and soap? It's going to be hard to pack lightly if I have to take towels.</p>

<p>Yes only a scientific calculator will be allowed. And no it is not necessary to bring soap and towels. They give you plenty of towels and one small bar of soap like the ones in the hotels. I brought my own though, but from what I hear they smell quite delightful.</p>

<p>Bring a blanket...it gets cold in the early morning</p>


<p>A blanket AND a sleeping bag? Is it really that cold?</p>

<p>Oh not both, just a blanket LOL</p>

<p>Thanks, Ill report back on Tuesday on how it went!</p>